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  1. Thanks for your response. (1) Turned out it was in 3.15.643 (64-bit) as well. (2) But I discovered a (very strange) workaround: —By left-clicking the mouse and dragging the right-hand border of the CCleaner window ANY AMOUNT, the window suddenly "populates" the appropriate gridlines and text inside it. Notes: —XP64 —I've used CCleaner for years and years, numerous times daily; never seen this before; likewise CCleaner has lived on the present XP64 for years —The window, when faulty, is just a totally empty box; nothing inside it at all—BUT ONLY for the Registry function. You
  2. I've used CCleaner for a lot of years, many times daily. The 3.16.1666 64-bit version usually but not always shows a blank window when I try to use the Registry tab. There is no "Scan for Issues", no gridlines, nothing at all; just an empty box. This is in XP64. If I select Cleaner, all is fine. I return to Registry: nothing. Reinstallation of CCleaner did no good. The problem happens usually but not always. I couldn't distinguish a criteria for when it happened. Eventually I returned to version 3.15.1643 64-bit, and all is working well again.
  3. There was a short-lived request by someone else for skins last year. I wonder if anyone else is interested?I know I am. The GUI features a lot of gray. Gray is a good colour for lots of folks, but I love my extremely rare-for-a-mammal colour vision, and I prefer colours. Blues, pinks, you name it. Doesn't have to be elaborate; just an optional preference. Lighten up my oh-so-serious CCleaner. I'd be happy just to replace the gray with another solid colour. Probably Resource Hacker would do that, but I don't have the savvy, and that might be usage violation. But is anybody on the Pirif
  4. Appreciation I'm not sure where to post this, so I have placed it here because I thought the Defrag devs would be most likely to watch this thread. On QUEUING: I run 15 partitions on XP 64-bit. This morning I was able to select the entire shebang, minimize Defraggler, and continue my day-to-day work. Every so often I look at the progress Defraggler is making on my 1.7 TB system. Beautiful! Once again, you guys are making a perfect app perfecter. Thanks and Respect to you. Vancouver, Canada
  5. Groonx

    x64 version?

    This is just to confirm that on XP 64 (desktop, not portable)the usual installation has indeed created the 64-bit EXE file for my system automatically. (I use a custom location on partition E; no problem.)
  6. This was a problem a couple of months ago, and then it went away. It concerns the GUI only. It is a GUI issue; not a defrag issue. Running XP (64) with 4 HDDs divided into a dozen partitions, I find that the boot drive USED SPACE and FREE SPACE displays "vibrate" as though the last 999,999 bytes are being processed very very fast. But it is effectively the equivalent of a hang or a freeze. The only way to abort is usually a Defraggler kill via Task Manager, and even that can be a bit sticky. The thing just wants to hang there with those two lines vibrating their numbers. All the other
  7. ?You didn't look for that, did you?
  8. @Marmite, sure, you are right. It goes along with using a paper-shredder, which isn't generally necessary either. If you want to read about the reasons or paranoia people have for wiping files, you can check out the forums at Heidi's Eraser, which has long been maybe the most respected app in the field. http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewforum.php?f=30 Psychologically, I think a lot of people prefer to have empty wastebaskets around their offices, rather than full ones. Of course, ordinarily deleted files are still pretty much extant; they have surrendered their ownership of their space, so ot
  9. Vickky, I agree with Aethec that you can do the best job if you operate these 2 apps in tandem. Piriform could put them together, but each one really works best with some TLC applied to specific details. People slur over the details anyway, and, more often than not, miss out on some of the best potential of the programs. Especially now that we have Wipe Free Space included with CCleaner, these apps have become really powerful. I've been testing the possibilities of Wipe Free Space, which is a pretty serious challenge to some excellent programs such as Heidi's Eraser. I think especially
  10. For anyone trying to help, apparently this HAS been done, but does not seem to work: In CCleaner, in the left margin, you see WINDOWS and APPLICATIONS. Left-click on WINDOWS. > WINDOWS EXPLORER > Recent Documents Uncheck the box. I'm scratching my head over this one. I wonder if you have TuneUp Utilities doing the same thing. There are various apps that do it. Why not disable CCleaner temporarily, and see if the problem still exists?
  11. You are cleaning your Firefox cookies off with CCleaner. When you clean EVERYTHING off?ALL your cookies?you lose your passwords. You can set FIREFOX to keep certain cookies. At first it is a nuisance, but as soon as you understand it, it is okay. There are add-ons to help you with that, too.
  12. Yes, O&O and other erasers (Heidi's Eraser) are very powerful, "macho" erasers. They are different from CCleaner. CCleaner is more gentle, lighter, possibly safer. CCleaner is intended for many, many uses. Big erasing systems also clean bits and pieces of the file that still remain on your disk. CCleaner removes access to the file, or pointers to the file. However, many pieces of the file still exist, until you eventually over-write them. They are not really gone. They are still there, until finally you write another file on top. Does that matter? Yes, for security. No, for cl
  13. Yes; definitely. I did that last year for a guy who had always run Windows ME. I used Partition Magic to subdivide his one-and-only partition. Then I set up Windows 2000 for him on the new partition. Absolutely no problem; Partition Magic is meant for the job. ? Even so, you might consider doing a really thorough defrag of your existing partition first. Sort of to keep all your files at one end, as much as possible. Make the job easier for Partition Magic. ? And of course, you're backed up. Right? Have fun. It is a cool operation to perform.
  14. Yes, as comper6 advises, your bad checksum tells you that your downloaded file is not a perfect match with the intended original. Bad checksum = corrupt file = bad download. Actually, Spybot gives you your choice of locations from which to update. Look carefully as it goes through its motions. Bad checksums are common. No worries. Happens all the time. Never proceed with anything that has a bad checksum, because the function exists only to let you know that your copy is not a perfect match. Very useful.
  15. Oh, man, I've used ERUNT to save a couple of systems! That program DELIVERS!!! It's one thing to use it for backups?quite another to find you really NEED it. First time was an emergency, and I could not get into Windows at all. I had to use a DOS disk. It was scary, and I had to read what to do, because of the sense of emergency. But in a few minutes I had that system right back to where it had been. I rate the combination ERUNT and NTRegOpt as two of the most brilliant freeware programs on the internet. Here they are: http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ ? However, NTRegOpt
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