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  1. WoW KAS you are off the hook! I almost hope you have to come back here for help or some where else and get a response like what you posted here!! YOU DON'T WANT TO POST A HELPFULL REPLY too someones elses THREAD,on a HELP FORUM DO NOT POST!!!! GTFO. Any way it seems like people are not deleting the OLDER SYSTEM RESTORE points before running defragler. You should also be cleaning your system w/CCleaner to dump all that crap first! I make sure my system is clean,before running either WIN defrag/or soon DEFRAGLER. Dump all your temporary Internet files/cookies, run disk clean up,etc,etc.Or just get CCleaner and use it FIRST and after system is as clean then defrag it! It makes no sense to defrag a system with all the stuff you don't need or want still in it.
  2. I use the page defrag from SYS internals and have never had a problem.It runs on start up and takes 2 seconds,most of the time I think it does nothing,UNLESS I abort the defrag on boot for like 3 weaks then I can see it does do something,especially when I Hibernate,or never re boot during that period,or use stand by,since I am on a laptop.Don't know if that helps,but that's what I do
  3. OK good now how do I do that? I know how to use the exclude in CC but do Not know how or what the installation directory is.
  4. I also use AVG, but I empty my vault on a regular basis. I was also thinking of dumping AVG, and if I do choose to do that I would empty AVG through AVG, and then Un-install either through the control panel or CCcleaner. BUT SINCE reading this I WOULD un-install THROUGH CCleaner. I have never had any problem using it before, and when I don't use it to un-install and then clean it always find stuff left behind by XP control panel. So to just avoid any problem I will use CC to dump AVG. ? Why are you dumping AVG?
  5. It's NOT recommended to de frag a thumb drive on the DOCS page of DeFraggler
  6. Hi all My problem is that when I run CC I always have to re-install Popopops Universal hand re player,which is a poker hand re player that runs JAVA, I don't really know much about computers. But any time I include Java in a cleaning I have down load the program and set it up again,NOT FUN. I tried to get help from the publisher already didn't have any luck so I thought I would try here. I know I can just un-check Java but that seems to me not to be the optimal way of using CCcleaner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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