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  1. Well, that's just it. There was never a policy and as far as everyone knew our computers were ours to take care of the way we saw fit. The point of my post is to find out if the program itself could screw up something in a server by cleaning out temp files. Most of the boxes towards the bottom of the check list I always left unchecked b/c I was unsure of them. Is it possible for this program to put a server's data at harm's risk??? Is is possible to have put my pc at risk???
  2. I installed CCleaner on all of my home computers, and also installed it on my work PC last Spring 2008. My supervisor is just now seeing that I did so and fired me on the spot because it was determined not only by them (a law firm) but also by the employment commission, that the program "jeopardized the computer system" of the business. I'm in the process of fighting all of them on this, and I feel so unjustified. Any comments???? (And this was my dream job I had worked so hard for!! And all I was doing was trying to make the computer run more efficiently and keep my co-workers from snoopi
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