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  1. now what shoul i do, i should report piriform explicity or they will take the notice of the post? @ Groonx, sorry i didnt understand wht u meant by this: I should note that explicitly wiping the deleted files from within Recuva did the trick. The filenames were still there, but the file data was unrecoverable. @ equazcion could you suggest any eraser? actually i have read somewhere on the internet that data(or its image on the hard drive) effects the performance at times.Do you have any information? THANX TO BOTH OF YOU
  2. hi everybody, i m currently using ccleaner.itz very good software, but problem which i m facing tht ccleaner wiper doesnot wiper efficiently bcz after wiper through ccleaner i used another software O&O Unerase(it shows/recovers deleted files on hard drive) to check whether it has cleaned the empty space or not. unfortunately ccleaner wasn't able to wipe the empty space. i don't knw the reason... and therfore chose to report here. cud any1 help me. thanx
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