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  1. Thank you Very Much for your Reply Captain. I Believe this is the Procedure I Followed on Sunday. The computer took 4 hours to scan and it found over 200,000 files. I was hoping to limit the search on the Re-formatted drive to Jpeg,Jpg etc. Only. I was left with a task of going through 200,000 files to try to find my pictures,soo i just closed out the Program as it was Clear that either I Had done something wrong, Or I'd be there for a few years Looking through all of those files. Maybe I Can give it a Try again another Day when I Have 8 hours to spend learning how to Properly use the Program. As always,Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. First of All WHO are you Nergal?? Are you a Forum Moderator?? I Think NOT! I Am very,very,very Sorry, I Did'nt know i was doing anything wrong. This section was for suggestions,while the other was for Questions,Soo I Don't consider this a double post. what's the big deal????? I've been on MANY Forum's for MANY years and I Don't like this type of "welcome" at all. I Was polite, courteous,Thankful for your post,etc. Then I Came back to see you complaining about a double Post! If that's how it is you can keep your Software and your Forum too!!!
  3. Thanks for your Reply Nergal. I am using this program for the first time today and it was my understanding that if I Wanted to recover anything from a re-formatted drive,I Should Start in Advanced Mode and scan for non-deleted files. Can you please tell me where I Would select or enter my file type for this situation or If i missed some steps what would be the proper procedure to do what I'm trying to do? I Made a folder on my Hard dive to save the recovered file to, Is this not ok? I Also tested it out on my camera disc and there were some files recovered but 84 files ignored?? I Checked off ALL 5 boxes before doing the camera chip? Thanks for any help you can give me. Oh...Any idea on how long it would take (approximately) to run a recovery scan on a 160 GB Drive. I Have a Duo Core 2 Processor with 4 GB Ram and 16 meg buffer hard drive @7200 Rpm.
  4. It would be Great to be able to Search By Specific File Types on a Re-Formatted Hard drive,Such as Jpg,Jpeg,Bmp Mp3 etc. ONLY, instead of Recovering 100,000 other files I Really don't want. I Tried another Program that does have this Feature. I Am new to using RECUVA soo i may not know how to use this feature if it does exist.
  5. I Reformatted My Hard Drive and re-installed windows XP. Can i Use RECUVA to search for Jpg,Jpeg,Bmp files only? If Not,can this be incorporated into the next version? I Really don't want to recover the other 100,000 files on the previous installation. Thanks in Advance for any help.
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