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  1. Hi Techiegal. I may be a bit late for you but I have just encountered the same problem after updating to Firefox 3.6. CC kept saying close Firefox when it definitely WAS closed. Never had this problem with CC before. I deleted then reinstalled CC but still no go. Downloaded Eusing Free registry cleaner and that worked very well and has backup also but I prefer CC as I have been using it for years with no problems. Anyway, I then tried shutting down and restarting Vista, ran CC and Bingo, worked like a charm but I guess you have figured it out by now. Thought I would reply just in case. Chee
  2. Thanks Augeas , Have done that and found the answer. Filemonkey has an exact explanation in their FAQ'S. Cheers. Barry.
  3. I am not sure what happens if I activate the " wipe free space " box. I have been through the on line tour but did not come across an explanation. Could any one help with this ? Many thanks in anticipation. Barry M.
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