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  1. I can confirm this too, it breaks Media Center recordings (they just wont start) and my Media Center Remote http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21852
  2. For months I have been looking for the program that breaks my Windows 7 Media Center recording and Remote control, I am 99.999% CCleaner's cleaning is the cause. Everything works when I first install Windows 7, my remote works and the Media Center recordings start without a hitch...its only after I clean with CCleaner and reboot that some remote buttons (play, pause, stop, skip, replay, ff, rew, back, vol & mute) no longer function, the rest work fine (ch, green button, numbers, etc.) BTW my remote is a Toshiba IR Remote Controller RC6 model no: G83C0005X110 and my PC is a Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 with Windows 7 RC installed Here are my settings [Options]Language=1033UpdateCheck=1SecureDeleteType=0SecureDeleteMethod=0WipeFreeSpaceDrives=C:\CookiesToSave=msfn.org|ryanvm.net|wincert.netDelayTemp=1HideWarnings=1AutoClose=0BackupPrompt=0IEDetailed=0FFDetailed=0MinimizeSystemTray=0MSG_WARNMOZCACHE=FalseMSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False(App)Temporary Internet Files=False(App)Cookies=True(App)History=True(App)Recently Typed URLs=True(App)Delete Index.dat files=True(App)Last Download Location=True(App)Autocomplete Form History=True(App)Recent Documents=True(App)Run (in Start Menu)=True(App)Search Assistant Autocomplete=True(App)Other Explorer MRUs=True(App)Thumbnail Cache=False(App)Empty Recycle Bin=True(App)Temporary Files=True(App)Clipboard=True(App)Memory Dumps=True(App)Chkdsk File Fragments=True(App)Windows Log Files=True(App)Windows Error Reporting=True(App)Start Menu Shortcuts=False(App)Desktop Shortcuts=False(App)Old Prefetch data=True(App)Menu Order Cache=True(App)Tray Notifications Cache=True(App)Window Size/Location Cache=True(App)User Assist History=True(App)IIS Log Files=True(App)Hotfix Uninstallers=True(App)Custom Folders=True(App)Wipe Free Space=False(App)Missing Shared DLLs=True(App)Invalid File Extensions=True(App)ActiveX and Class Issues=True(App)Interface=True(App)Applications=True(App)Fonts=True(App)Application Paths=True(App)Help Files=True(App)Installer=True(App)Obsolete Software=True(App)Run At Startup=True(App)Start Menu Ordering=True(App)MUI Cache=True
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