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  1. This morning it seems it may have stopped doing this so far. I did an analyzation of files that can be cleaned, and it did not bring up the error message. Now, mind you, that I did not clean these files out. Due to Mother's Day, I am keeping certain tracking pages up.
  2. No, this doesn't change anything. I don't know about everyone else, but I do this all the time, and isn't CCleaner supposed to delete these anyway? This does not fix the problem. Is there something we need to do here to give everyone more information to help solve this problem?
  3. OKay, I have this same problem, just started today, and posted a topic about it. Mine says the same but: C:\DocumentsandSettings\Compaq_Owner\Local Settings\TemporaryInternet Files\Content.IE5\1NCW2Q0R\menu8[1].ttm I have not done any updating, reinstalling or changed anything with any programs at all except for uninstalling and reinstalling of CCleaner after this problem started this morning without correcting the problem. Thought maybe a personal setting I checked was the culprit, so I did the un and reinstall to go back to default settings. When trying to locate this file...I d
  4. Since this morning, I have noticed that immediately after using CCleaner to analyze, I have a yellow triangle with a ! appear and tell me: CCleaner.exe-Corrupt File The file or directory C:\Documents and Settings\... is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility. It's never done this before, and now it does it after analyzing, and again after removing the files. I thought I had possibly changed something without realizing, so I uninstalled CCleaner, and reinstalled, keeping it in default settings (in case I messed it up with my personal settings) and it STILL does this
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