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  1. I have a barely used HP 5P Scanjet, model C5110A. The problem is it originally came with an ISA/SCSI adapter card. My current system only has PCI and PCIE slots so obviously I can't connect to it. I need a low cost solution here because I can get an all-in-one printer/fax/copier for $100 or less. Also, the software it supports tops out at Windows XP. I have as I see it three options: 1. Locate an inexpense PCI/SCSI card. 2. Locate an older computer that has an available ISA slot. 3. Buy the all-in-one. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. For me the heartbreak of the whole thing is that the scanner cost me $300 originally and it was only used for a month or two. Every time I've tried searching for a SCSI card they are quite expensive ($80-$500). I'm convinced that there is a low priced card out there because the card I want to replace was only a 16 bit ISA (Symbios Model SYM20403). Thanx
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