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  1. Can you elaborate? I checked all firefox settings and there is no setting for preloading. Still unable to view maps.google.com and several other images in firefox after running CCleaner.
  2. Thanks, but that didn't work. Can't seem to get this resolved. There are intermittent gif 's that don't show up. I have attached a picture. If I click on the image that is supposed to appear and click properties it tells me the image is missing?
  3. CCleaner does a great job except for Firefox. I am no longer able to see some animated gifs on web pages, or other gifs that are part of pages. The gifs just show up blank. Similarly if I go to http://maps.google.com using firefox since running CCleaner the window that normally shows the maps is gray and blank. The words in the upper right hand corner "Map Satellite Hybrid" and "500 mi 500 km" appear in the lower left hand corner, as well as the google logo in the lower right. The maps DO NOT appear and if I type an address the popup is shown with words but all the images are blank. Any ideas. I saw other posts indicating I should shut down firefox and run CCleaner twice or clear the cache but these efforts didn't work. I also tried to unistall firefox and reinstall it but that also didn't solve the problem. Can you provide any help??? Thanks, Brian
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