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  1. All of this because you added an invasive and forced background process (and clearly on purpose, as the systray icon doesn't have the regular "Exit" option...), people are ranting more than you expected, and now instead of just removing that crap, you say a lot of blahblah and plan to just move the thing a bit. Remove that crap. Your users are power users and you won't fool them. If you persist with this crap, a competitor will take your place and you'll lose *a lot* of market share for sure. You have everything to lose here...
  2. To watch my CPU temperature, I configured Speccy to start with Windows, minimized in the systray and displaying the CPU temperature. I noticed the displayed temperature is often stale, i.e. it's not refreshed. It happens often but not always, it seems to be quite random. It seems to often happen on fresh boot. It happens as well when the system is idle, so it's not related to the process "below normal" priority. If I mouse hover the systray, the temperatures popup also displays stale temperatures. To get the temperatures refreshed, I have to "wake up" Speccy by double-clicking the systray icon to display the program window. Speccy 1.31.732 Windows 7 64-bit
  3. Just for information, this issue is still present in the recently released Speccy 1.31.
  4. Bump, it would be really great to fix this issue. Also I guess it's more an overlook than a purposed design. Plus, today I learned the number of scrolled lines in programs is actually a configurable Windows setting, therefore it should be followed.
  5. It seems to have been fixed in CCleaner 5.30. A quick reply would have been appreciated, still, thank you for the fix.
  6. It seems to be fixed in CCleaner 5.30. Thanks for your replies. (pun intended)
  7. When clicking on the "blue buttons" ("Analyze", "Scan for Issues", etc.) they become invisible during the mouse button is pressed. Thankfully the buttons still work... I'm encountering this issue since CCleaner 5.29. It did not happen on CCleaner 5.28. OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  8. Latest versions of Thunderbird don't store the download history in "downloads.sqlite" anymore, but in "downloads.json". I have tried the latest CCleaner 5.28 and I confirm it doesn't clean the "downloads.json" file. The file is not listed in Files and folders in the profile - Thunderbird, but that's because the page is outdated and it's a PITA to get an account to edit a page on this wiki, so it lacks contributions... I didn't find what version of Thunderbird brought this change, but it's defined in DownloadIntegration.jsm. Also refs ticket 851466 at bugzilla. Firefox has the change for a few years but again, I don't know about Thunderbird. I only can tell my "downloads.json" had entries more than a year old.
  9. Currently, using the mouse wheel scrolls only one line at a time. This makes scrolling really tedious, particularly on long pages. Programs usually scroll 3 lines at a time, which I think would be a much better setting.
  10. Another wish! An option to prevent standby while defrag is running
  11. According to Piriform themselves, "Defraggler can defragment the MFT as well, but it cannot move the MFT's starting position." Then I found a saying from JkDefrag author: "It's possible to move the MFT by directly accessing and reading/writing to the disk. But I have decided a long time ago that I do not want to do that. I feel it is too dangerous. So I am limited by the Microsoft defragmentation api, and that api refuses to move the MFT on 2000/2003/XP." So, I assume MFT defragmentation is already at the best possible, isn't it?
  12. Hi, great suggestions. +1 for MFT defrag. this one can be discarded, see my later post I'm adding a simple one: allow resizing of columns in the "file list" tab when defrag is running or paused; currently these columns are resizable when defrag is stopped only. edit, another glitch: in this tab again, while defrag running or paused, can't scroll using the mousewheel
  13. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I expanded each item, and I checked each cookie. I don't see secure.shared.live.com, nowhere!
  14. Hello, Here is the context: Internet Explorer 8, Windows Live Messenger 2009, Firefox 3.6.12 are installed. I remove all cookies, cache, etc. in IE and Firefox. I start WLM, log in, click on the e-mail icon. Firefox opens. I enter login/pass, check both "remember blah" checkboxes, then log in. Now I am on my Hotmail start page. Right now, I close Firefox and WLM. Then I delete all IE cookies, in order to delete cookies created by WLM. The only thing I have now is Firefox cookies related to Hotmail authentication. As you may have guessed, the idea is to whitelist them in CCleaner "cookies to keep". When I previously did this procedure some time ago, I got these four domains in the "cookies to keep/delete" list: live.com login.live.com mail.live.com msn.com I did the same procedure today, now there is also a fifth domain: secure.shared.live.com In Firefox, if I look at its cookies list, there are domains live.com, login.live.com, mail.live.com, msn.com, but no secure.shared.live.com If I tell CCleaner to keep all four first domains but to delete the fifth, it seems no cookie are deleted. If I tell CCleaner to delete all four first domain but to keep the fifth, there is no cookie remaining. I cannot even find this secure.shared.live.com... Thank you for your help, OuT OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit
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