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  1. All of this because you added an invasive and forced background process (and clearly on purpose, as the systray icon doesn't have the regular "Exit" option...), people are ranting more than you expected, and now instead of just removing that crap, you say a lot of blahblah and plan to just move the thing a bit. Remove that crap. Your users are power users and you won't fool them. If you persist with this crap, a competitor will take your place and you'll lose *a lot* of market share for sure. You have everything to lose here...
  2. Another wish! An option to prevent standby while defrag is running
  3. According to Piriform themselves, "Defraggler can defragment the MFT as well, but it cannot move the MFT's starting position." Then I found a saying from JkDefrag author: "It's possible to move the MFT by directly accessing and reading/writing to the disk. But I have decided a long time ago that I do not want to do that. I feel it is too dangerous. So I am limited by the Microsoft defragmentation api, and that api refuses to move the MFT on 2000/2003/XP." So, I assume MFT defragmentation is already at the best possible, isn't it?
  4. Hi, great suggestions. +1 for MFT defrag. this one can be discarded, see my later post I'm adding a simple one: allow resizing of columns in the "file list" tab when defrag is running or paused; currently these columns are resizable when defrag is stopped only. edit, another glitch: in this tab again, while defrag running or paused, can't scroll using the mousewheel
  5. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I expanded each item, and I checked each cookie. I don't see secure.shared.live.com, nowhere!
  6. Hello, Here is the context: Internet Explorer 8, Windows Live Messenger 2009, Firefox 3.6.12 are installed. I remove all cookies, cache, etc. in IE and Firefox. I start WLM, log in, click on the e-mail icon. Firefox opens. I enter login/pass, check both "remember blah" checkboxes, then log in. Now I am on my Hotmail start page. Right now, I close Firefox and WLM. Then I delete all IE cookies, in order to delete cookies created by WLM. The only thing I have now is Firefox cookies related to Hotmail authentication. As you may have guessed, the idea is to whitelist them in CCleaner "co
  7. I disagree, sqlite vacuum really does optim the db In Firefox, the main effect will be on bookmarks (places.sqlite file, also contains the history but usually one chooses to empty the history during cleanup) You'll notice effect if you have a lot of bookmarks and frequently modify them For example, my Firefox's places.sqlite file is 1.62 MB, for 1726 bookmarks. Without optim it would weigth several hundred KBs more Also, I just "vacuumed" a Thunderbird's global-messages-db.sqlite, it was 2.28 MB, now it is 1.89 MB, a 17% reduction
  8. Hi, Before CCleaner implemented Firefox's sqlite db optimization, I was using a script which is running sqlite3.exe command line tool "VACUUM" operation What I don't understand with CCleaner is that ccleaner.exe size didn't augmented, so how did you implement the functionnality? I presume you don't embed whole sqlite stuff but only a very small subset, please would you clarify it for me? By the way, Thunderbird 3 and Mozilla Calendar also use sqlite, you might want to add them Regards
  9. hi, when no defrag is running, in the "file list" tab one can resize columns and scroll using mouse wheel wheras when a defrag is running, columns are unresizable (despite the mouse cursor hinting the contrary) and one has to use the scrollbar to scroll through the list it would be very great to remove these limitations cheers
  10. hi, interesting idea but very hard to achieve: one has to release a full live CD containing Windows... this is kind of hackish, weight several hundreds of MB, is hardly maintainable and last but not least is certainly unallowed you can try to make it yourself, using for example BartPE cheers
  11. in fact my problem was not related at all with CCleaner (however its option to delete windows size/location cache works, but didn't solve my problem) and you are right, the tips I linked to should be considered as workarounds, not real fixes unlike the prefetch cache, for example, the windows cache seems to not work on a LIFO way... once the cache is full, it cannot remember more windows settings (or, to be more exact, it is quite sporadic, random... in one word not very robust)
  12. just created the 2 entries to switch my XP from 400 to 5000 (decimal values) it is said XP SP2+ is 5000 by default, but I'm not sure the setting was really effective... also purged current cache by deleting the 4 reg keys my problem seems to be corrected indeed this one was *really* annoying me more about CCleaner itself, you can notice Microsoft, when switching to Vista, have made some completely erroneous mixing of old and new registry locations... cheers edit : ah, 400 (or 5000) is in fact 200 local views + 200 network views... I'm currently searching for the ma
  13. I found some interesting infos here and more particularly here
  14. Hi, I have a Windows problem which is in some point related to yours. I ask in this board because I think some developers here may know how to help. So here is my problem : I pinned on the "new WinXP style" Start Menu three folders. Right after Windows installation, they work just fine. But after several weeks of use, two of the folders don't remember their size settings. This is very annoying as I like to use very small windows (list view style). I have two Windows installations, which behave differently : the first one forget the windows size approx. at each reboot. The second one is
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