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  1. I use PGP WholeDisk Encryption (9.10) on my Windows Vista PC. I would like to use defraggler (as i do on other PC's) but am really worried about the drefraggler corrupting the disk. PGP put a warning about third party defraggers saying that there is an important file that should not be moved. Here is the issue and resolution: Issue After defragmenting a PGP Whole Disk encrypted boot volume with a third-party disk defragmenter (i.e. not the Microsoft Disk Defragmenter), the computer will no longer boot into Windows. Instead, the computer boots to the black "bootguard" screen (that displays bootguard in the top left corner). Cause During defragmentation, some third-party disk defragmenters move a critical PGP file (PGPWDE01) which is used during bootup of a computer protected by PGP Whole Disk encryption. Resolution The resolution to this issue is to exclude the PGP WDE file from Defragmentation. If your disk defragmenter allows you to exclude files from defragmentation, exclude the PGPWDE01 file from defragmentation. For reference, the PGPWDE01 is a hidden file located in the root of the encrypted volume. For example, if your encrypted boot volume is the C: drive, the PGPWDE01 file would be located at C:\PGPWDE01. In summary to guarantee that the disk won't be knackered you need to exclude the C:\PGPWDE01 file from any defrag attempt. I realise that i can "analyse" the disk, then manually exclude the file but am worried that i might one day get it wrong. Has anyone experience with this process, and (a question to Piriform) can you hard code the exclusion of the C:\PGPWDE01 file in the code so that your software will be compliant? You could probably get Defraggler listed as one of the compliant defragmentation tools on their web site. Cheers, r
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