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  1. This is the kind of info i was looking for as well, but no replies were forthcoming. Guess we will just have to use common sense and hope for/test for the best. You pretty much hit what SEEMS optimal in the posted question. Best thing i like: using my system WHILE Drfraggler is running with no apparent side effects. Using regular defrag that comes with windows (XP pro in my case) EVERY time the mouse is clicked or the system is used restarts defrag!!! What a blessing it is not to have to put up with that any more :-) ...JL
  2. Kind of new to Defraggler. Installed the latest version as of January 19th, 2011 and am running it now. Since the computer is 'busy' and being somewhat old-school i was reading the support docs and now have questions; what order would the more experienced users or Piriform people reccomend as far as the best order to run Defraggler's different features? Like, should i run it saving large files at the end with don't move them then do the page file (weird, but it looks like there are two of these - running XP Pro with SP3) and then defragment free space or is some other order or combo better? P
  3. Is it safe to defrag jump drives with Defraggler? JL
  4. Since I draw and design a lot this free program has been a blessing. Especially not having to go to the store when it would be handy to have some custom grid to help guide my layouts. I know there are web-based versions of this but this one you can keep and don't need to be online. Fully customizable and doesn't have to be just squares or rectangles. Will upload the file as the website no longer exists. JL _PrintGraphPaper_gpaper421.zip
  5. Microshaft (please excuse my disdain) may give specific advice but truthful and intelligent advice is better suited to most users. Probably the information of analysis is given and the choice of a possibly lengthy defrag is left to you. The best part of all is the ability of Defraggler to work while you do - that's revolutionaly to an old-timer like me. JL
  6. After reading a closed thread re: problems with running defraggler it occurred to me to mention that running a PC without at least a quality surge suppressor but better yet a battery backup from a reputable manufacturer is just asking for a problem especially when defragmenting a hard drive with any program. Its just not good practice. JL
  7. Pardon my attitude but i for one am enormously happy with this free (but obviously costly in time and effort) tool that beats all others i've ever seen hands down! Some people are just ridiculously S P oiled! Thank-you Pifiform for all three of your highly useful programs. CCLEANER was the first tool i ever used on the Windows system registry that really worked AND DIDN'T cause problems. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. JL
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