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  1. The obvious way round my initial problem of having recently used files cleaned from Excel is to deselect Office 2003 from my application list, which I have done. This does have the desired effect as far as the used list is concerned. However, does this now mean that temporary files or, indeed, any other data is no being cleared from Office 2003?
  2. I have always found that CCleaner cleans my Excel recently used list for Office 2003 as reported elsewhere in this thread but not my Word recently used list. I wish it would leave both alone ) and wonder what setting I have to change to achieve this? I have answered the questions posted above in order to help:- Did you reboot after installing CCleaner before trying to run it? Yes Did you do any Registry issues fixing? Do this frequently Do you continue to scan for issues until no more are found? No Did you do any software or hardware changes installs or uninstalls? No Are you running with Administrator privileges. Yes CCleaner version ? 2.19.889 (the latest at the time of posting, I believe) What Language did you request at install,if any? English OS,edition ,32bit or 64bit and version ? XP SP3 fully patched, 32bit Browsers and ver.? Firefox 3.0.10 Security software and ver? Adaware 8.0.0 Spybot S&D AVG Other data you think might be relevant? This is not a recent problem just relating to the current version - it has always happened What did you do and then what happened? See info at head of this post Provide a list of your CCleaner.ini file.( Tick option for Save settings to INI file at Options > Advanced then close CCleaner.This file will be created in C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder.) [Options] Language=1033 (App)Last Download Location=False (App)Cookies=True (App)Recent Documents=False (App)Old Prefetch data=True (App)Menu Order Cache=False (App)Tray Notifications Cache=False (App)Window Size/Location Cache=False (App)User Assist History=False (App)Hotfix Uninstallers=False (App)Custom Folders=False (App)Mozilla - Cookies=True (App)Mozilla - Download History=False (App)Mozilla - Internet History=False (App)Invalid File Extensions=False WINDOW_MAX=1 WINDOW_LEFT=202 WINDOW_TOP=144 WINDOW_WIDTH=620 WINDOW_HEIGHT=450 (App)Run At Startup=True BackupDir=C:\Documents and Settings\Paul\My Documents (App)History=False (App)Recently Typed URLs=False (App)Other Explorer MRUs=False UpdateKey=04/26/2009 10:00:08 PM (App)Search Assistant Autocomplete=False (App)Windows Log Files=True CookiesToSave=accenture.com|addons.mozilla.org|amazon.co.uk|amazon.com|badgeaddi cts.com|bearingpoint.com|brassring.com|bs.serving-sys.com|capitalone.com|careers.bankofamerica.com|careers.verizonwireless.com|car eers3.accenture.com|careersearch.sprint.com|ccleaner.com|cisco.com|cluecrew.freef orums.org|electronicarts.112.2o7.net|facebook.com|fair-exchange.com|filehippo.com|google.co.nz|google.co.uk|google.com|groups.google.co .nz|ibm.com|igate.com|infosys.com|irecruitment.oracle.com|jobs.volt.com|jobs-riteaid.icims.com|keane.com|lloydstsb.co.uk|lloydstsb.com|lntinfotech.com|mail.g oogle.com|mail.google.com/mail|mckinseyknowledge.122.2o7.net|members.microsoft.com|messenger.msn.com|mi.ll oydstsb.com|microsoft.com|monster.com|mozilla.com|msn.com|myspace.com|myspacecdn. com|nb.myspace.com|netflix.com|online.lloydstsb.co.uk|playlist.com|pogo.com|profi le.microsoft.com|profile.myspace.com|samsung.com|secure-tunnel.com|srgamerica.com|symantec.com|takeforum.com|techmahindra.com|uk.pogo.co m|verizon.com|verizonbusiness.jobs|verizonwireless.com|wt.infosys.com|www.bearing point.com|www.fair-exchange.com|www.gecareers.com|www.google.com|www.hadtoplayon.com|www.infosys.co m|www.keane.com|www.mckinsey.com|www.myspace.com|www.playlist.com|www.samsung.com |www.secure-tunnel.com|www.takeforum.com|www.volt.com|www22.verizon.com Are you using a winapp2.ini file? No.
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