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  1. Step 1: Go to OPTIONS page and separate the cookies, as it shows, Step 2: Go to the CLEANER page and click only "COOKIES", Step 3: Click ANALYSE button. Step 4: Click RUN CLEANER button and wave goodbye to those covert cookies.
  2. Thanks for your direction, Rob, BUT ... When I DISABLE the "Reuse" attribute by unckecking it and the click "OK" to seal-the-deal, my computer locks-up. So, you helped me find my browser problem, but it led me to a lock-up/freeze problem. Any thoughts on the lock-up/freeze problem? THANKS VERY MUCH! APPRECIATED!! Dork Boston, MA 4/30/09 2:11 EST
  3. I like to save frequenly visited web sites on my DESKTOP, in icon format. I just completed re-installation of WINDOWS XP (whew!). Now, however, when I click on a DESKTOP icon to select that web page, that selection replaces a prior selection in my browser window (INTERNET EXPLORER used). Before the WINDOWS XP re-installation, a click on a DESKTOP icon would produce a new web page. I was able to have many web pages open at once. Presently, only one web page stays open since the prior web page gets automatically replaced by the new web page selected. I had this %$&*#@& pr
  4. Thanks, bamapete, dork. 4/29/09 4:00 PM EST
  5. In the COOKIE section ... I've separated the COOKIES I want to save vs. delete. What should be done next? There are no buttons to click to start deletion process. How delete selected COOKIES? Thanks.
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