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  1. DeepBurner


    This one is very nice and is the one I'm currently considering to keep.





    Well I tried this several times but could not work with it.

    So I have deleted it.


    Much better, according to me, is Burn4Free



    which I use (next to Nero).


    By the way does anyone knows a good freeware LabelCreator program.

    The main goal is to insert a tracklist of mp3 files from WebRadioStations.


    I do not succeed in making a right label with the software included in Nero.

  2. Ok, Here we go. Lets compile a list of the best freeware that we know (please include links and a short description ). Also make sure it is malware free! I see some great stuff on this forum and if we put all of the great programs in the same place not only will it be easier for us but for the new people who come to this forum every day.



    This is a very nice initiative to which I will gladly try to contribute



    Cobian Backup

    is a very good backup utility.

    The jobs can be edited exactly to one?s needs and I use it regularly to backup my personal maps in case I have to use Norton GoBack or Ghost.




    Hitman Pro

    All in-one solution for automatically removing malware.

    This Dutch program, also available in English now it seems, makes use of wellknown software as mentioned on




    On start up it looks for available upgrades and then starts using them to scan one?s computer,

    removes whatever is necessary and at the end gives a logfile about what has been found and done




    Online radio player with its own recorder.

    Every mp3 recorded comes with its original title and the name of the artist(s)





    For making free telephonecalls all over the world




    Video plug-in for Skype.

    When you have a Webcam you can make video calls with Skype




    "Batchrun will let you create batch files using a graphical interface. With Batchrun .brs batch files you can launch any number of programs or dialup connections with just a simple click. You can control the starting process with many properties like priority or run mode and control their behavior a tad. You can even do more than starting programs with the built-in file management functions like Copy, Rename, Makedir, Delete and End"




    IncrediMail XE

    ?Emailed has finally evolved?

    Sending emails with nice letterpapers, animations, sounds and e-cards





    To make screengrabs, much better than GrabitPro





    Internet online timer, to keep track of the costs for people who are still internetting

    paying per telephone tick





    "Down2Home 1.3 is a program that monitors your ADSL/Cablemodem/Dialup traffic

    and provides you with usefull statistics about the amount of data your PC has transferred.

    Use it to see what's happening on your Dial-up/DSL or Cable connected on your PC.

    Check if there is data transferred when you don't want it.(Spyware, backdoors, whatever)

    Or use it to keep control over your transfer volume...."


  3. I have in the main always used IE and Outlook Express, however I have recently tried using Firefox and Mozilla.  I was not all that happy with these programmes so I deleted them and gone back to IE and OE.  On using CCleaner I noticed that on both cleaner settings Firefox/Mozilla were shown. I then reinstalled CCleaner (I kept a copy on a CD) and noticed that Windows was now showing Internet Explorer but applications was still showing Mozilla/Firefox. Should I download CCleaner again and do a fresh install? I usually just install the latest version over the older one. Thanks in advance for your help.





    Did you use FireFox with the plug-in enabling to surf with tabs?

    I have not used IE for ages.

    Avant browser is also very good, I use it next to FireFox for different

    purposes. :D

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