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  1. Is there any chance of adding, a "Strings" function - to carve ascii text from the drive? I realize this would add a really messy result, but if one had a formatted drive and could run a strings on it to pop all ascii found (5 char in a row -or adjustable) into a single file, that would be a great addition. Another item worth adding - if you could add a filter / signature to find and recover the "thumbs.db" files which might be on the drive. Recuva / CCleaner / Piriform is awesome!
  2. In the new version v1.26.416, deep scan, on a 128 MB formatted thumb drive, the progress bar shows 0 files found - but when finished, it shows that it found 16 files. Not sure if this is a new bug, but it displayed found files in version 1.25 as the progress bar moved along. Same drive, same scenario. This is on Win XP Pro SP3
  3. Sorry if this is a duplicate on the forums. I did a search for this, but didn't see it listed anywhere. Recuva has always been my recovery tool of choice, but I have found a drive which Recuva seems to fail every time on. I think it might be due to the cluster size (8 sectors - 4K cluster) but I am not sure. Recuva seems to work fine on every drive I have tried it on - which has mainly been USB thumb drives. I was showing a friend how Recuva worked, and as all demos go, this one failed on me and has had me quite puzzled. I have a Lexar 256 Mb USB thumb drive with a bunch of photos. I demonstrated how deleting the files can be recovered, as well as if you format the drive. In my demo, this has worked on all drives except for this Lexar 256 Mb drive. Same test with Octanesoft's recovery - eImage recovery, or another product - Disk Digger - which all perform a sector scan to reconstruct data - have brought back the data just fine. But after the format on the drive (FAT or FAT32 - it doesn't seem to matter) - Recuva does not see any data at all. So I set up a better test and imaged the drive before starting. I did the same test for each product. After a drive format, Recuva is the only one which will not bring back any data whatsoever. Does anyone know - would this be a cluster size issue? I have noticed that this drive formats out with an 8 sector cluster. I would really love to see Recuva work on this drive after a format. Might this just be a bug in he software? Many thanks to anyone with he answer. Cheers
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