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  1. I can get zero fragmentation in safe mode, as expected, because there are little running processes, and that is the preferred way to defrag. But the defrag process doesn't stop and goes on and on and on, and after 6 hours was still running even with about 150 fragmented files, even though the process shows 0 percent fragmentation. No the other issue I have is when I do run it in regular Windows Vista booted up, (nonsafe mode), it gets to about 98 percent and even after 6 hours is still showing 13 percent fragmentation and not chaning, and going VERY VERY VERY slow. What is going on here and ho
  2. I have tried using CCleaner and other programs, even using Internet Explorer 7's own deleting web browser history and NOTHING works. A friend of mine was typing in the URL and a bunch of sites I previously visited came up, which I did NOT want him to see. They STILL come up even when I use several programs and deleting the web browser history and cashe in IE 7. What can I do to fix this?
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