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  1. My daughter's dell laptop continued to act up. After trying to run various virus scans, etc that were followed with critical errors I then went to safe mode and tried same. OS went into a loop and kept saying there was an error in windows explorer and needed to restart Win explorer. Shut system down. Went to restore point. Still same outcome. Then spent most of the day reinstalling Vista, drivers, etc. Since machine is relatively new. Not to concerned with what may have lost. So far, everything appears okay. Actually seemed to run quicker. Ccleaner ran without issue now. Still need to complete the virus & malware scans. Hopefully all set now. Thanks for help on malware follow-up.
  2. Tried that. Did uninstall; then did a complete restart. Then re-installed as admin. Same problem. Will not run. Having same issue with AVG anti-virus. runs at start up but can not run program or a system scan. Had similiar issue with firefox. wondering if virus/malware on system. Ran an online scan. Found only tracking cookies. Thanks
  3. Daughters laptop running Vista Home Premium. I just installed latest version of Ccleaner Installed, un-installed and reinstalled Tried to run as administrator, etc. Still same probelm tried searches for similar I have very little experience with Vista Received this error trying to run Ccleaner A critical error has occured in Ccleaner. The application must now close The thread attemted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have appropriate access Application::Run Hopefully a stupid question/problem.
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