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  1. Completely shutdown? That is, shutdown and remove all power from all devices and power bricks for a 10 count and try again? How about plugging that into another USB port? Some discover some ports will not work, but report "OK".
  2. I've tried to install that, but i could never get to compile webkit... my HD ran out of space . and i didn't know sudo apt-get install midiori I thought the only way to get it to work was compiling.
  3. I've been hunting for a long time to a solution to this problem - and you had it! Yes - as others have said here - I too searched and searched - even on the paid sites. I think I'll tell folks @ Dell about this (and/or NEC). I knew the hardware was fine - as I have a 2nd HD which I use in this laptop - and when booting from that clean HD the DVD came up fine.
  4. Check ur ram thrre must be some problem in your ram.
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