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  1. I've been a long time user of CCleaner and when cleaning Windows it has always been pretty quick at carrying out the task. However, since I moved on to Windows 7 and IE9 when it came out this process takes ages. When I click on analyse it takes ages going through IE files. It never used to do this when I ran Windows XP and IE8. Is this normal. I've even used Disk Clean Up prior to CCleaner so IE files should no longer be present but CCleaner still takes ages going through them as if they were never deleted. Should it always take this long.
  2. I regularly use Ccleaner and find it very good. I would like to try and wipe only the free space on my drive just to ensure no 'residues' are lying about. How confident can I be that nothing else will be erased during this process. I have used something similar in the past which was part of McAfee software and it worked OK.
  3. When scanning the registry there is huge list of unused file extentions listed which I have never bothered to do anything about as I am unsure of what might happen if I remove them. I would appreciate an explanation of why the are listed and what if anything I should do. I have been using CCleaner for quite a while now and have managed all the other sections without any trouble so far.
  4. Since I updated to the latest version I am finding my passwords being deleted from the relative websites whenever I run CCleaner. This never happened before and as this was just an update my setting should have been left in place. Can anyone advise please.
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