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  1. I observe random crash using Ccleaner64.exe (see attachment). Run W10 x64 bits.
  2. Hi, SPECCY V 1.16.317 displays Go in place of Mo for the size of RAM disk memory. (NULL HD disk) Please look at the 2 screens in attachments (in my case R:/ is the letter of the RAMDISK, its size is 316 Mo (Mega octets) , NOT 316 Go !!!! ) Hope you fix this bug in the next release Best Regards,
  3. Hi, On two different W7-64bit systems: 1) V 1.04 (and previous version) displays a wrong GPU memory card TYPE, i.e. Type 2 instead of Type 3 for DDR3 (for ATI RADEON HD 5450 1GB DDR3). 2) V 1.04 displays a false info about any Optical Disk (found a systematic "Error Code" from Device Configuration and states wrongly a "non functional device .." Regards
  4. Hi, Is DEFRAGGLER aware of NOT defragmenting a SSD device (i.e. using W7-64) ? As you know defragmenting a SSD device is not recommended due to shorten the lifetime of the device. Regards,
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