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  1. I'm having the same problem with two brand new (about a month old) hard drives. The clicking is intermittant but seems to occur more frequently when I am ripping CDs to the HD. I see you are also using Vista. I found several people on the MS TechNet forums having this same problem and they are also using Vista. Someone had a suggestion: You'll need to go into 'power options', 'change plan setting' for your currently selected plan, 'change advanced power settings', and find the seting for 'Hard Disk'. set it to your desired time. If this setting is currently turning off your hard drives try changing it to "Never". I am going to try this tonight, hope it works.
  2. Same here, I am running Vista Home Basic and CCleaner does not delete IE history. Also, registry issues are not being deleted. CCleaner will scan and list the issues, but does not clean them.
  3. May I suggest copper.net? There is no software and their connections are very reliable.
  4. Maybe this is a stupid question, but is the secure deletion feature of CCleaner on by default, or is there an option to enable it? Thanks.
  5. MSAS causes quite a slowdown on my system, no restart/shutdown/logoff issues, but I have decided to uninstall it. Besides, it has never detected a thing on my system but Adaware and Spybot have. And I don't mean cookies either. Would Arovax be a good replacement?
  6. Thanks for all the info. As Greenknight pointed out, you still have to keep an eye on the "Automatic" updates.
  7. I have Windows XP Home edition on two computers, and XP Pro on another. Although each of the machines is setup for Automatic Updates, they do not receive the updates on a consistant basis. Today, I went directly to the Microsoft website to get the October updates on one machine, and their scan of the computer shows 8 updates are needed, 7.9mb worth. What good does it do to have the Automatic Updates enabled?
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