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  1. I like free stuff and well Avast Home Edition is like heaven. It's free and so far it seems damn good.
  2. In most cases it depends on the brand as well as the function to determine if you can run two security programs together. If one program is strictly an antivirus and the other is strictly an antispyware then in most cases they should be able to run at the same time without any conflict. Unfortunately that's a matter of trial and error as some will conflict with another and so on. Some will even conflict with your firewall. Normally I have 2 antivirus programs on my machine but only one I allow to run in realtime while the other one I have to scan from time to time if I suspect a virus got past
  3. My gosh I was just browsing through this topic and my head hurts. Looks advanced to me. I think for the most part I'm okay with 1 secure wipe thank you.
  4. I tend to at times delete both directories and files and have them move to the recycle bin and then later on I have CCleaner erase them. I've noticed though that if it's individual files CCleaner tends to mask their names but if it's a directory that I deleted CCleaner masks the name of the directory but not the file. Suppose I was to go back and try to recover those files in the directory will those same names come up? I was searching the forum about the wipe free option and even tried it out on another pc before I tried it out mine and it worked okay without any problems. Further search
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