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  1. Hi - Can you please be more specific as to what I need to do with resultant XML file?
  2. UAC is set to the highest level. I was able to create a task with the same settings as shown, but it does no good. The reason is that as soon as I check the option "Skip User Account Control Warning" I get the XML error dialog. Subsequent CCleaner opens never have the dialog box checked.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've done as you suggested - I have no task called "ccleanerskipUAC"
  4. New HP PC - Windows 8.1 x64 - fully updated. Running with local user account as Administrator. When I attempt to check CCleaner Options/Advanced/Skip User Account Control Warning - I get a CCleaner dialog box with The task XML contains a value which is incorrectly formatted or out of range. I have uninstalled and reinstalled CCleaner with no change - v5.02.5101 (64-bit). Ran in debug mode - nothing in log file of any interest. Can you provide any assistance? Thanks
  5. Yes - I am running WINXP Pro X64. I just tried CCleaner 1.25.201. Since the Version History log indicates it is compatible with Windows Vista I was hoping that it would also be compatible with X64. CCleaner 1.25.201 does install and run, but I still find that a number of registry and desktop icon problems reported in the Issues panel are not correct. Not wanting to take a chance, I didn't run the Fix Selected Issues and just uninstalled this version. Still hoping a version of CCleaner that will run on X64 becomes available. As a side issue, checking on CCleaner and X64 is
  6. Thanks for the reply - do you mean that the current version of CCleaner will work with X64? I have installed the current version of CCleaner on X64 and CCleaner Issues did not interperate the X64 Registry properly. rb
  7. This is my first post here - and since I can't search on three-character entries (such as X64) pardon if I am repeating a previous post. I am configuring a system running WINXP Pro X64 and have found that CCleaner does not fully understand the X64 Registry structure. This means that Issues will find things that it shouldn't and when applied will make an X64 configuration unbootable. What are the plans for making an X64 compat version of CCleaner available? Thanks
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