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  1. I do not have either browser on when I use CCleaner. I have reverted to the previous version at the moment so my unwanted cookies are now removed, I have tried on several occasions to re install but this seems a waste of time as it never works, as I now do not have the cookies displayed I cannot remember all of them I do know that double click is always there. David
  2. I use Vista Premium 32. My browsers are IE7 and Mozilla. I have used CCleaner for a number of years and this is the first time I have had a problem. Yesterday I was told there was a new version, which I downloaded and I now notice that certain cookies I want deleted stay. On going back to the previous version everything works OK. I have read through the various threads on this subject and have completely uninstalled, downloaded again reinstalled and still get the same problem so I have gone back to the previous version. Is there any suggestions on how to overcome this problem? David
  3. Thankyou both for your quick replies. I have done a search as suggested and found numerous Firefox files. I obviously did not delete them all. Anyway I got rid of them also deleted CCleaner and reinstalled - success all back as it should be. Thanks again. Dave
  4. I have used Ccleaner for some time now and I have just updated to the new version. I have a small problem under the heading Windows: Internet Explorer is shown which is correct however under the heading Applications: Firefox/Mozilla is shown. I have tried Firefox but was not all taken with it so I removed it from my system. I now only use IE. Can anyone advise as to how I can correct this please? Dave
  5. Thanks for your reply everything now sorted. Appreciated. Dave
  6. I have in the main always used IE and Outlook Express, however I have recently tried using Firefox and Mozilla. I was not all that happy with these programmes so I deleted them and gone back to IE and OE. On using CCleaner I noticed that on both cleaner settings Firefox/Mozilla were shown. I then reinstalled CCleaner (I kept a copy on a CD) and noticed that Windows was now showing Internet Explorer but applications was still showing Mozilla/Firefox. Should I download CCleaner again and do a fresh install? I usually just install the latest version over the older one. Thanks in advance for your help.
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