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  1. Right, I found D/L the reg made no difference, then I found that the file extension(.reg) did not appear after your cc number, so I entered it and I got the right icon with the blue squares. So I remamed the others with the reg ext & all is well. On my desktop PC running XP2 the file ext appears automatically but it would seem on Vista it doesn't. However thank you both for your help. I will leave the fix in the registry but it would seem that all that was required is for me to type (.reg) after the cc number. Ron.
  2. Many thanks JD Power & hazelnut, I will try that & let you know the result. Ron.
  3. Thanks for the link, I tried the avi being the first, but the reg saved files still show as ordinary files. Would you know which one to download please? Ron.
  4. It appears as an ordinary file hazelnut. Just another Vista problem? Hope it can be fixed. Ron.
  5. Yes Hazelnut, should have made that clear, sorry. Ron.
  6. Hi all, slap my wrist if I'm in the wrong place. have just bought a Amilo Fujitsu laptop and when I open a registry backup after using the reg cleaner, there is no Merge Thought I would ask incase I have to use a backup. Ron.
  7. Good morning 2harts4ever and all following this thread. Downloaded the new version having read your thread and did a reg scan and all is well with me also. Thanks for the post. And thanks CC. Ron.
  8. Good afternoon 2harts4ever, Thanks for the info re updated version I too will try that out Cheers Ron.
  9. Glad you are happy with version 1.4. just stay with that until an update arrives which may have a fix for ZA. My trick worked for me and have had no further problems. Ron.
  10. If you are using Zone alarm all you need do is uncheck any thing with ZA (usually 1 item or two) leaving the checks on the other items and the rest will disappear when you click fix selected items and OK it. The reason is that the ZA items are being used by Zone Alarm. The old CCleaner didn't catch them so there was no problem. Ron.
  11. BEDO

    Close Firefox

    Just to let anyone who know has been following this thread, that Version 1.34 has been running now for 3 days with no problems. It would appear that for some mysterous reason Version 1.36 is incompatable with my PC I am using Windows XP SP2 PB imedia 5061. Thanks to all who tried to help. Ron.
  12. BEDO

    Close Firefox

    JD Power, Thanks for that, I will have a better look at your link tomorrow, however, I've been using FF for sometime now with no problems, it's only given this problem with version 1.36. But using version 1.34 it is OK at the moment, I won't get excited until it has been OK for a few days. Thank you for your post. Ron.
  13. BEDO

    Close Firefox

    Yes, I have checked Task Manager and it is NOT running. However, I uninstalled and down loaded version 1.34 and so far it is behaving normally. > do you use the Firefox Preloader tool? I am not familiar with this, can you elucidate please. Ron.
  14. BEDO

    Close Firefox

    Hazelnut, Unfortunately it has started telling me to close Firefox or skip cleaning Firefox. (When Firefox browser is closed) I really thought it had cured itself yesterday Grrrrr. Apart from uninstalling & reinstalling yet again I don't know what to do. Ron.
  15. BEDO

    Close Firefox

    jc836, Thanks for the comments, fingers crossed. Ron.
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