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  1. CCleaner has started to set off announcements about saving xxxMB if I would just clean up my 'room'. I run CC often. I don't need the program to act like a mother or a 'mother hen'. "You know, if you would JUST pick up your toys so momma doesn't have to remind you all the time." "I told you, pick up your toys!" "If I've told you once, I've told you 1,000 times---pick up your toys!" So what if I let my "mess" grow? So what if my "mess" is 1mb over what Piri-mom likes to be "messy"? So what if I never clean up my mess? (Doubtful since I do like CCleaner.) No program should become a nagger, setting off a RED REMINDER every day! Users aren't Piri's wayward children. We can choose when to run the program (or not). Tongue in cheek, but that's how the "reminders" come across. Thank you.
  2. The nitty-gritty first: Windows XPPro CCleaner v2.26.1233 (Yes, I know there's an update but haven't gotten around to doing it.) Browsers: IE 7 and Google Chrome Antivirus: AVG (free) ---- I started using Google Chrome when IE couldn't handle some newer web designs nor handle games that use heavy Flash. For all other tasks and Internet needs, I use IE. I often have multiple "tabs" or separate pages (several windows) open at the same time on both Google Chrome & IE. Problems with CCleaner: 1. CCleaner runs and functions fine with IE still open, but not with Google Chrome open. 2. CCleaner prompts to close Google Chrome (if I forgot to close GC). BUT even after I close GC, the CCleaner program still says 'Close Google Chrome first'. Let's say I'm playing Games via Facebook. I close all Google Chrome tabs or windows. I open CCleaner -- whether immediately, or hours later. CCleaner says, 'Close Google Chrome'. I look up & it IS closed. I close CCleaner. I go to Task Manager--I do NOT see anything in processes that leads me to think Google Chrome is in use. I re-open CCleaner and try again; It says 'Close Google Chrome' OR it says, 'Ha-ha, CCleaner will stop (before we even start this) if you don't close Google Chrome.' I say back under my breath, "Google Chrome IS closed, Mr. CCleaner, so please do your job!" CCleaner still argues with me, convinced that Google Chrome is still opened. It's hard to argue with a computer program. ;-) I give up and close CCleaner. 3. (My trick....) When CCleaner believes Google Chrome is still open and refuses to recognize Google Chrome IS in fact closed (even when everything closed), I then re-open (or close and re-open) Internet Explorer to any page (usually to Google Mail). In other words, CCleaner needs a swift kick or needs tricked to recognize that Google Chrome is CLOSED. 4. Sometimes, the trick listed in #3 still does not convince CCleaner that Google Chrome IS closed. Then, CCleaner just won't get past its error until I completely shut off the computer. The next time, CCleaner DOES work fine again. This error concerning Google Chrome isn't a biggie; at least my trick does make it function again most of the time. But, I'd love to find that CCleaner & Google Chrome have gone to mediation, have worked out their problems with each other, and find that they don't include ME in their squabbles with each other. ;-) Just once, I'd like to end a day on the computer by closing the 2 browser types, running CCleaner, and going to bed without having to use any trick or re-starting the computer just to get CCleaner to believe me that 'he' is NOT being stalked by the CLOSED Google Chrome program. It isn't nice that CCleaner is so wary that it becomes 'paranoid' and believes Google Chrome is still open. I hope you can be the 'Mediator' of this annoying issue. Lifes
  3. I've tried to go through my (huge) cookie list to SAVE ones I want to keep. But I often wish I could ALSO mark ad / ads and crap cookies to "always delete these ones if they show up" so I would not have so much to go through. Like as a new user right now with a huge cookie file, I could "MARK to ALWAYS KEEP THESE" and as I go through the same list "MARK TO ALWAYS DELETE THESE". And I'd like a 2nd option -- DELETE ONES I PUT INTO ALWAYS DELETE THESE but leave the rest of the list for now and leave ones I marked to keep. THEN I could see the "leftover list" easier and keep marking. As it is now, I keep going through the generated list, marking more to "keep" but still afraid to run CC to clean because I'm not sure I've gotten all the ones I want. Thank you. Lifes
  4. I downloaded newest version (upgraded). Now "Analyze" never generates any list of files. I want to see fles before running to Clean. The old verson worked perfectly. Not sure what you'll need to know so I'll throw stuff out: First, I only run 1 item at a time. The item I tried was to delete Temporary Internet Files. Second, my PC: CCleaner v2.18.878 WinXPPro with SP3 AVG with either its Firewall or Windows Firewall (new puter, not sure which) IE7 If you need to know more, just ask. Lifes
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