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  1. Thanks for your quick and honest responses. I will stick to the free edition then.
  2. On the download page there is a sort of difference but it reads more like an ad rather than actual features. It talks of "Make your Home PC faster and more secure" How does it make it more secure? Are they talking of cleaning cookies or something more substantial? Because the Free Edition does that.
  3. Can I please find out where on this website it details the difference between the CCleaner Free Edition and the Profesional Edition? Or for that matter the difference between Defraggler Free Edition and its Professional Edition? It would be nice to know what you actually get for the $24.95 for each profesional edition. There is a product matrix in the Business Section, how about one in the Home Edition as well detailing the difference between them? A little transparency would not go astray. I see mention of one difference in the latest Release Notes of CCleaner. What about the other differences? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thanks to Nergal and TheWebAtom for their advice. To TheWebAtom first your suggestion of changing to Save setting to .ini won't work on mine as there are three different logins and each is customized for each separate user. So the default of the registry is the only option and to Nergal I think that you are correct on all counts as to the setting being changed in the last version. I also agree that you shouldn't have to check each time a new Version is released but that I will have to from now on.
  5. Thanks for that suggestion. I'll try that but it was the newer version installation that seems to have overridden the previous setting. I am not the only person that this seems to have happened to. I have Firefox Version and OS is Win XP Sp3 and CCleaner was Version 3.03.1366. I'll just have to check each time a new version comes out.
  6. When CCleaner first added the ability to delete Firefox Session information and after losing all my tabs I have unticked this feature. Now in Version 3.03 I find that this has again been ticked without my knowledge and I have again lost my tab sessions. Why is it that this is being allowed to happen even when people had previously complained about this being made a default setting. I use CCleaner to rid my system of unnecessary junk files that clog up my system not to hide or delete my browsing history. I'm sure that i am not the only person who uses it for that purpose. Now I will have to religiously watch for this every time I upgrade to a newer version.
  7. With the introduction of version 3.01, the slim build seems to have disappeared. Now one has to download the one that asks you if you wish to install Google chrome.
  8. Yes, I agree with Yorada. I had saved various Web Pages that would open by default that saved me from opening them all up individually. I had them all set-up and saved them each time I shut-down Firefox. Each time I re-booted and then started Firefox the web pages would all load automatically. This went on for months. Then one day the normally well-thinking writers of CCleaner decided to add a new feature of cleaning Session information of both Firefox and Google Chrome. This was fine but they also made it the default setting with no warning. If they had included a warning of this and advised those like me who did not want to lose my Session information that would have been fine. I don;'t use Ccleaner as a Privacy Cleaner, I use it to eliminate unwanted files and clean my unwanted cookie History. It took me a while to find the source of my loss of sessions. I almost thought it was a bug of the latest version of firefox itself. I implore the makers of Ccleaner to rectify this oversight.
  9. Thanks Englishmen, I didn't know about the option in Media player classic not to remember list in Playlist. Cheers. The Fly.
  10. Hi rridgely. That is just what I did. But that's not surely the point of CCleaner or winapp2.ini. It should be deleting or clearing unnecessary junk not stuff that might be useful.
  11. Just thought I'd add my experience publicly as well. I have already sent TwistedMetal my experience. I have already found just what Andavari talks about above. I was unable touninstall applications installed by InstallShield. So I have edited winapp2.ini to remove that entry. I was surprised that this addition was not flagged in the Updated entry.
  12. Could you add the ability to delete the Media Player Classic file "default.mpcpl"? It holds the last player list. If people want to keep this file then add this as an extra option like "Media Player Classic Playlist". Apart from that great application.
  13. Hi, I've been reading the two threads on the new Prefetch Folder Option. Whichever side you agree most with a possible solution that would suit everyone is to give the extra ability much as in the Cookie clearing where you can keep certain cookies, you may be able to select those pf files that you want to always delete. This way those who don't want any prefetch files deleted will be able will select this option of selectable deleting of prefetch files, and select none. Those who want all old prefetch files deleted select an option of all. So those who want all traces of dubious files on their system will be covered as well as those like Mastertech who doesn't want the prefetch files touched at all. While from a technical point of view I support MasterTech I also understand those who may want all trace of these files pertaining to possible dubious applications. I hope this suggestion is a fair compromise. As to another site that talks of the Prefetch Topic. ?Ed Bott?s Windows Expertise" The Fly.
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