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  1. Lol. I wasn't aware of this till now & thank TheWebAtom for coming up with it & you too Winapp2.ini. I had to read more to see if it was officially supported or not. It's not but at least you can freely about it post so all must be good from all the reading. After running & updating I was tickled to run down the list of new cleanable items 1-by1. Some I cleaned & some I didn't. I want to thank the powers that be that things are NOT automatically check marked for removal in CCEnhancer. That, in my book, is a Huge plus! To many times when someone calls or emails me & I tell them to install CCleaner most? (I forget) everything is checked off for removal. Most people get it backwards (all noobs) & think to "Check" it is "Not" clean it. Anyways, all the PC's I work on get CCleaner installed 1st off. Now I will include CCEnhancer in them too! The GUI is screwy but it may be my fonts or something on my own PC. Not a biggie. Thanks again
  2. FYI to those who are not aware. BullGuard uses BitDefender as their Anti-virus engine last as I've heard. I am also a BullGuard user & OF COURSE a CCleaner user? I was getting the same notice. I re-downloaded today & installed with no problems. I also scanned the .exe & the whole CCleaner folder & everything came up clean. Looks like they fixed the false positive. Goody goody.
  3. Hello everyone I'm using FF 1.0.7 XP Home. Where is, or is there a check mark to delete the drop down in the addy bar (previous addresses already visited). I don't want to delete the history as I use my own system colours to be able to tell which links I have visited already. Hope I've explained that right I hope I am in the right section. If not please correct me & tell me which this is supposed to be in Thank You, meadowmuffin
  4. I found this problem when I was using other cleaners also & that's how I came across CCleaner because I thought THEY were faulty. (I could not delete them manually) Instead I think their (mine) were infected with something. They were usually Gifs that wouldn't delete. So I found a "workaround" & made a shortcut to the temp folder which I keep on my desktop & use my "Eraser" program to erase them. It's free. DON'T USE IN PLACE OF CCleaner!! Just for those few leftover temp files when the need arises. Sure hope I'm not breaking any rules here by putting the broken link here. Delete the spaces. http: //www. heidi .ie/eraser /download .php Hope this helps, signed, a user who likes & uses CCleaner meadowmuffin FIGHT THE POWER "To be nobody but myself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting" ee cummings (1894-1962)
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