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  1. hey, can someone plz help me, when i put on my computer i hear at least eight beeps, the monitor does not come on but the computer is, i've been told its either a ram or graphics card problem, but how can i tell which is it?? or is that the real problem..... i need a response asap cas i have important stuff on it..... your help wud be greatly appreciated
  2. I've installed RAM many times since back in the PC beginning. If this article is for the novice then here is what they need to know about seating RAM. Do not touch the part of the chip that goes into the motherboard, for that is where the circuitry is located on the chip. Speaking of circuitry, make sure to carefully slowly place each corner inserted into the slot, and make sure your tabs on each side are out. I tilt it a little to see that I'm lined up EXACTLY on each side with the motherboard RAM slot, and then straighten it out as I place the chip into the slot. Once each side is lined up, then press firmly down slowly on each side of the chip at the same time. DO NOT force it in the slot or you will destroy the circuittry on the chip, or motherboard RAM slot, or both. On ALL motherboards the RAM will only line on in ONE direction, so PAY ATTENTION to where the slots are on the
  3. Try rebooting into Windows, and hope it will solve the problem. If that does not help, try rebooting into command line. (Holding something like F8 during booting.) And see if you can access to those. If that still not help, check your booting screen (or BIOS) and see if CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are presented...
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