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  1. what do you mean with "open in REGEDIT" for the latest version?
  2. I am frequently having to revert to Editing the Registry after I have removed software. The process is simple enough, you open the REGEDIT, do a search for the program (such as copernic) and each time the search finds anything to do with copernic you delete it. You will be amazed at what is left during the normal remove program process. It seems to me that CC CLEANER could have that FIND AND DELETE built into it, so that the average user who does the normal CC CLEAN then has the option of looking for (copernic) or whatever file has been deleted. The operator of CC CLEAN types the name into the box in CC CLEAN and does a search and each link that you find you delete. What CC CLEANER then does is that the amateur does not have to tamper with the registry and he/she is confined to the excellent program that we have all gotten to love. Oh yes...please do not tell me that CC CLEANER already cleans out all those pockets of left over bits of software. I assure you it does not.
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