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  1. Hi Updated Polish translation for Defraggler v1.13.155 is in attachment. I used other program to edit dll to prevent errors in dll in future. This time everything should be ok. lang_1045.zip lang_1045.zip
  2. Hi Updated Polish translation for Defraggler v1.12.152 is in attachment. lang_1045.zip lang_1045.zip
  3. Hi In previous version i have problem with size of dll (appear when I used ResHack). Now its ok - fixed dll for Polish translation. lang_1045.zip lang_1045.zip
  4. Hi Updated Polish translation for version 1.10.143 This is compilation of rafalh and my translations. lang_1045.zip
  5. I've used Resource Hacker to translate.
  6. Hi I made translation of Defraggler to Polish Version 1.08.132, all strings translated. lang_1045.zip lang_1045.zip
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