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  1. Hi, while trying to diagnose an error problem i was having with my ATI video card drivers i finally pin pointed the problem. CCleaner was deleting files from the registry that are needed for ATI's drivers. ActiveX/COM Issue AtiComCloneControl.CloneViewHelper - {4242B984-6C36-4FC8-8626-DE5E8B11886D} HKCR\AtiComCloneControl.CloneViewHelper ActiveX/COM Issue AtiComCloneControl.CloneViewHelper.1 - {4242B984-6C36-4FC8-8626-DE5E8B11886D} HKCR\AtiComCloneControl.CloneViewHelper.1 ActiveX/COM Issue C4.CCCCom - {CC7C96DF-1942-4D46-9FCD-810EF1C56C2D} HKCR\C4.CCCCom ActiveX/COM Issue UserInterfaceObject.AtiPropertySheetACE - {872A9397-E0D6-4E28-B64D-52B8D0A7EA35} HKCR\UserInterfaceObject.AtiPropertySheetACE ActiveX/COM Issue UserInterfaceObject.AtiPropertySheetACE.1 - {872A9397-E0D6-4E28-B64D-52B8D0A7EA35} HKCR\UserInterfaceObject.AtiPropertySheetACE.1 ActiveX/COM Issue WBOCX3.DirectSkinAce.1 - {EB2D089B-51AD-4DEA-98D3-C37A0F3479D7} HKCR\WBOCX3.DirectSkinAce.1 These are needed. If i remove these Catalyst Control Center from ATI errors out. It is still happening with the current 2.18.878 and i am using vista 64 bit.
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