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  1. Hi, I tried to follow your method, but it went badly. I think I have figured it out. The "Recently Typed URLs" must be checked off in combination with "History" and "Run (in Start Menu)". If any one of the 3 is missing, the deletion of the compatibility view list will not be effected. PS.. I will be on vacation for the next week( starting tomorrow) and away from a computer, hope you figure this wacky combination out.
  2. I have noticed that the "Recently Typed URLs" is the controlling factor in the deletion of my saved Compatibility View Settings. When I don't have this checked off, I don't have my saved web sites removed from the Compatibility View Settings List.
  3. Ver. 2.19.900, while fixing many problems, did not fix this problem. The compatibility folder is still wiped clean by CCleaner!
  4. The only program running was my calendar program. I have been unable to recreate the situation. Oh well! Another unexplained situation in life.
  5. I ran CCleaner at least 6 times and this bug appeared each and every time. I went to Start>run>DrWatson and DrWatson started up and ran and showed no errors. Now that file doesn't appear in CCleaner when I click "Analyze". Very strange behavior.
  6. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\user.dmp 56.98KB. This is the file CCleaner says it is going to clean in analyze. It lists the file again under files cleaned when I click the "run cleaner" button. But, it shows up again when I click "analyze". It never really cleans it. When I go into windows explorer, I find it sitting there untouched by CCleaner. This is a bug.
  7. It wipes out my sites as well. It must be an unintended side effect of the new web browser. CCleaner needs to adjust its folder selection.
  8. I see the same 5.00 MB after a cleaning, when I push the analyze button again. Sometimes it goes away after a second or third push of the clean button (without a re analyze), sometimes not. Sometimes it is not there after a cleaning. Seems very random.
  9. While I almost get/don't fully understand DOM Storage, it is obvious that IE 8 is different enough to require a redo of the code on how CCleaner handles cookies. I fixed my little problem with the delete button, but I don't know if it was the correct fix. It works for now. As for your having saved cookies wiped out during cleaning, I too have a similar problem. I inexplicably have to re input my log on information. The only cleaner I use is CCleaner and all my regular website info is saved on the right side of CCleaner. Still, I find myself having to re input log on info for the web sites I
  10. 3/28/09 @7:02PM....... After getting some insight from a member of DSLReports, I think I have solved my problem. Instead of trying to re type the post from that forum I will cut and past it here: I found the cookies. I don't know why the search engine could not find them on my PC, but "Karen's Cookie Viewer" showed me the location. I was expecting to find them in Documents/setting/owner/temp/temporary internet files, where the 33 saved CCleaner cookies are sitting. They were not. They were in C/windows/cookies. The 5 cookies plus 2 more. The 2 more were 2 cookies that I had on the CClea
  11. I have just downloaded and run V 2.18. The cookies cleaning program seems to leave the same exact cookies to be cleaned after having run the analyze/clean cycle 3 times. XP sp2/IE 8 When I wrote this this morning, I had just 4 cookies it would not remove. Now, after surfing around and collecting more cookies, it has increased to 9 cookies. It removes other cookies, just not these 9. It took 2 passes of the clean button to remove the cookies I had amassed in my surfing. It noted them in the list to be removed but didn't do it on the first pass, but did remove all but the 9 on the second
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