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  1. If you want the actual Piriform pear, while you are on this forum, go into the Temporary Internet Files folder. The Piriform icon will be there as a favicon.ico. Copy it to someplace convenient (I recommend you rename it Piriform.ico). Then select it as your folder icon as Icedrake suggested.
  2. I finally had an opportunity to try this. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much on Windows XP Home. Apparently tskill.exe does not support the /f parameter (forcefully terminate) so it is not particularly effective.
  3. You could just let Windows look after itself ... Last week, my Prefetch grew to Layout.ini & 129 .pf files. The first boot after Layout.ini updated, the folder self-cleaned to Layout.ini & 36 .pf files. Layout.ini shrank from 358kB to 312 kB. It actually kept only 32 .pf files; the extra 4 are processes that ran during startup after the clean.
  4. Glenn


    Hold down Ctrl key while clicking cookies. BTW, are you dragging the cookies or using the -> button?
  5. Have you shut down Mozilla before running CCleaner?
  6. What version of Firefox? Could it be your security settings, e.g., cookies / pop-up blocker?
  7. I like the concept but think it would be better if the interface was like a directory tree (+ to expand / - to collapse) instead of double-clicking to expand and using 'View summary results' to collapse.
  8. IE8 has some improved privacy features (e.g., a rudimentary form of selective cleaning of cookies) but I found it to be unstable and much more of a memory hog than IE7. I played with it for a few months but went back to IE7 when I found myself using Task Manager after every IE8 session to close multiple instances of iexplore.exe that didn't end properly (which probably accounts for other apps running slow even when IE8 doesn't appear to be open).
  9. 'Office 2003' is displayed in the apps list when CCleaner detects the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common. If you upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007, it probably left the key behind. Deleting the key should be safe but do so at your own risk, and back up your registry beforehand. Alternatively, use a custom winapp1.ini which doesn't include Office 2003.
  10. The order in which Favorites are displayed is stored in the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Favorites|Order Check to see if it exists. The only thing in CCleaner that should clear this key is selecting 'Menu Order Cache'. Are you using any custom ini files?
  11. What version of IE? IE8 appears to be unstable.
  12. What operating system? Which version of Firefox? Which version of CCleaner?
  13. It's called the AutoComplete dropdown list. To clear: IE8 > Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete Settings > Delete AutoComplete history > [select items to delete] > Delete You can set "Use AutoComplete for" to not record these entries in the first place.
  14. Your problem with IE8 is not unusual and seems to be entirely due to IE8. It also seems to slow down other applications, which may account for the problem with CCleaner. I suggest reverting to IE7 ... I did.
  15. I believe it means that Norton is diagnosing physical damage on the hard drive. You should contact hp for warranty support. IE not remembering window size is usually caused by a corrupted registry key which can be fixed by clearing the key using CCleaner or manually editing the registry. The fact that it spontaneously reverted may mean you have bigger problems or it could just be IE8. IE is supposed to remember the size of the last window closed and use it for the next session. I found that IE8 opens multiple instances of iexplore.exe (I once counted 4 when I had several tabs open) and often fails to end all of them when you close IE8. As a result, what you think is the last window closed sometimes isn't.
  16. Is it only your web browser window that is affected or are your other applications affected? Which browser / version are you using? Are you using CCleaner > Window > Advanced > Window Size/Location Cache?
  17. Are you unable to resize the window (i.e., grab the bottom border and drag it larger)?
  18. I'm not sure if this is what you mean but try Tools > Suggested Sites.
  19. As Disk4mat posted, the data is stored in the registry HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU. Strictly speaking, you don't have to reboot Windows XP for the deletion to take effect. CCleaner clears the key immediately on disk but it appears that explorer.exe must be stopped and restarted for the new data to load into memory (similar to the procedure for clearing the Tray Notifications Cache). I have no idea why Windows 98SE was different.
  20. I'm not sure what help you require but if you don't want CCleaner to run on startup, delete the two entries using CCleaner or go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and manually delete the two shortcuts.
  21. (1) Right-click Start menu > Properties > Start menu > Customize > Advanced > Start menu items - at the bottom of the list are the options to display System Administrative Tools(2) Should be OK.
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