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  1. CCleaner does detect flash cookies. See this thread for an explanation Flash cookies
  2. What operating system and what version of CCleaner are you using? Do you mean that you've lost the entire shortcut or the icon image? If the latter, does it show the unknown file type deafult icon?
  3. Which operating system(s)? Which version(s) of Office? Which versions of CCleaner?
  4. Out of curiosity ... have you ever run an online scan to verify that you're clean?
  5. I think you're missing my point ... PageDefrag has never had to defrag my registry because its analysis has always shown that there is no fragmentation.
  6. I'm inclined to respect the opinion from Windows Sysinternals and have used their Pagedefrag utility. Interesting thing though ... even after years of editing the registry using regedit and cleaning it using CCleaner, Pagedefrag has always shown no fragmentation of my registry hives.
  7. Sounds like CCleaner.exe is installed to your Desktop, i.e., it's the actual program not a shortcut icon.
  8. Although I've skipped a few updates, I've used most of the 2.xx versions of CCleaner with no problems of any sort. With the default settings, I haven't had any problems with IE6, IE7 or IE8 (although I no longer use the latter) on Windows XP. There's another thread where someone seems to have had a problem Restoring "My Favourites" after CCleaner has deleted them
  9. First, try the current version 2.22.968. It may be a bug that's been fixed.
  10. Is the icon related to the Epson printer software? If so, I suspect that the app is putting a file in one of the temp folders or an entry in a registry key cleaned by CCleaner.
  11. Right-click the icon > Properties to see where CCleaner.exe is located. It's possible that one version did not install to C:\Program Files\CCleaner.
  12. I've never had a virus on a home computer but I still run anti-virus. My house has never caught fire but I still have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and insurance.
  13. The injunction doesn't take effect for 60 days. It's a lower court decision so Microsoft can (and will) file an appeal.
  14. Emptying the Recycle Bin is normal. By default, Cleaner > System > Empty Recycle Bin is enabled. Deleting IE Favorites is not normal. Which OS? Which version of IE? EDIT: Prompt use of Recuva may be your best option. In the meantime, use the computer as little as possible to reduce the chance of overwriting the files.
  15. Options > Settings > deselect 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts'
  16. Glenn

    What to remove?

    Wiping free space has no effect on speed or disk capacity. It is a security measure which overwrites disk free space to prevent recovery of deleted files. EDIT: Dennis beat me to it. BTW, if you have almost 59 GB of free space, why worry?
  17. Check Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types to see if the .dat file has the WMP icon associated. If not, the WMP icon has probably become the default icon for unknown file types. EDIT: On my computer, .dat files display the standard unknown file type icon. And one last possibility ... on a file downloaded from the internet, it may have been accompanied by an Alternate Data Stream file (super hidden file type) which AFAIK can associate an icon. You may want to try an ADS file viewer such as NirSoft AlternateStreamView. BTW, this is why it's safer to set Windows Explorer to not hide file extensions ... you can't rely on the icon.
  18. Cleaned if Windows > System > Temporary Files is selected. Cleaning behaviour is modified by selecting/deselecting Options > Advanced > Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours Note that there may be some temp files that are locked in use by the system.
  19. I looked at the documentation for pskill but it doesn't seem to support the /fi (filter) parameter. I found a couple of other sites (just Google "download taskkill.exe") that offer free copies of taskkill.exe but I'm not familiar with them and don't know if they're legitimate. Is computerperformance a safe site?
  20. Try this: Use Ctrl+a to select everything in the folder Use Ctrl+left-click to deselect the three folders one by one When only clip 0001 remains selected, hit delete.
  21. Welcome to the forum but trust me ... you don't want to open this can of worms. You should read the many previous threads on the Prefetch issue.
  22. When you searched for "IE8", did you enable 'Search system folders' and 'Search hidden files and folders', and disable 'Case sensitive'? Have you searched your registry for "IE8" (other than the "DoNotAllowIE80" entry for blocking the update)?
  23. cc1: I vaguely recall something about IE updates downloading differently from regular updates. Check to see if you have either of the following folders: C:\WINDOWS\ie8 C:\WINDOWS\ie8updates
  24. If all the updates you wanted installed successfully, it's safe to delete everything. In fact, the folder is supposed to self-clean the updates 10 days after successful installation. Some small files (licences for the software) may remain.
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