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  1. Glenn

    not cleaning

    Do you have Options > Advanced > 'Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours' selected?
  2. What specific files? If you're looking at the summary list, double click each category to see the list of files.
  3. Glenn


    How long did you let it run before stopping it? I've only used Wipe Free Space one time but it seems to take an inordinate amount of time to finish up the last bit. After it appeared to stall, I let it run overnight and it eventually finished.
  4. Glenn


    I don't use 'Menu Order Cache' myself but for a complete solution to this ... I tested your suggestion and it works well. You can exclude either the 'Favorites' or the 'Start Menu2' subkey without affecting the cleaning of the other. (Tested in Windows XP; may not be valid in another OS.)
  5. Glenn

    Google Maps

    Another thing you might check in Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing History > Settings > Temporary Internet Files > Check for newer versions of stored pages (NOTE: The path is for IE7; you didn't say which version of IE you use.) If you have selected 'Automatically' or 'Never', IE might be looking for the temp files from your last visit (which will have been deleted by CCleaner) before going to the internet site. If that's not the problem, just in case it's the Google server, you could try using another site, e.g., I use Google.ca (Canada) rather than Google.com (USA).
  6. Glenn

    Google Maps

    One possibility ... Google Maps uses a cookie to store some settings. Have you protected it using Options > Cookies > Cookies to Keep?
  7. My copy is clean. From where did you download? What anti-virus are you using? What trojan did it identify?
  8. Glenn


    So do I. 'Menu Order Cache' affects both Start Menu and IE Favorites (intentionally or otherwise). I've tested it. EDIT: I did a little digging: Menu Order Cache deletes the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder and its subkeys Favorites (which, as you correctly identified, is IE Favorites) and Start Menu2.
  9. Glenn


    Deselect Cleaner > Windows > Advanced > Menu Order Cache
  10. Glenn

    Google Maps

    What operating system, browser and version of CCleaner?
  11. Version 2009.0.5.41 is now available on the Symantec / Norton site. No idea if it resolve the problem.
  12. Since you have 'Office XP' selected, CCleaner will clean a number of things such as the recently used files list. What I don't like is that it deletes the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Word\Data|Settings which stores custom settings for Word (e.g., View, File Location, etc.). Since you don't seem to have noticed, you probably like the default settings for Word, so it's not a problem.
  13. I recommend you stay with the default settings unless you are sure you know what an item will do. Right click each category and select 'Restore default state' in the context menu. If you use Microsoft Office, an item I personally don't like "out of the box" is Cleaner > Applications > Office 2003 . It clears a number of preference settings in Word. Index.dat files regenerate as blank files at each boot.
  14. Glenn


    You are probably looking at the summary list which shows the categories that will be cleaned. Double-click each category to see the files which will be cleaned (usually temporary files, MRU lists, etc. related to the application). You did the right thing ... ask if you are in any doubt. System - Windows Log Files can safely be deleted unless you have problems you are currently trying to diagnose. I don't use AVG anti-virus 8, Windows Defender, or Ad-Ware SE Personal so cannot help. If you post the detail list of files, someone who is familiar should be able to advise you.
  15. I'm just suggesting that "a good desktop computer" depends on your purpose. You should consider the following questions: 1. What do you use now and why is it inadequate? 2. What applications do you want to run, and what are the minimum/recommended/optimum operating system and hardware requirements? 3. How long are you going to keep the new machine and how long is it likely to meet you future requirements? 4. Are you willing to spend enough to meet those requirements? You don't have to post your answers but if you don't know the answers, you could wind up upgrading to another inadequate machine. I'm happily running a 5 year old machine on Windows XP. I decided to skip Windows Vista and probably won't upgrade until Windows 7 is proven to be stable and the applications I need are all proven to be compatible.
  16. Deselect Cleaner > Windows > Advanced > Window Size/Location Cache
  17. Out of curiosity ... what hardware are you using now? ... and why do you want to upgrade? "defective" = faulty, broken, not working properly
  18. Either deselect Cleaner > Applications > Office, or use a winapp1.ini with a custom entry for Office that does not clean the list (the necessary modification depends on the version of Office).
  19. I believe the problem is that, for Office 2007, the embedded ini includes the line: RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common\Open Find\Microsoft Office Word\Settings\Save As\File Name MRU If you create a winapp1.ini file that duplicates the Office 2007 entry but omits the one line, that should solve your problem. I use a similar fix in Office 2003. EDIT: The downside of this solution is that you may have to update the winapp1.ini when a new version of CCleaner is released.
  20. See the documentation first Registry integrity
  21. CCleaner shouldn't have affected those. What items in the Start Menu ... pinned items? ... MRU (most recently used) programs list? ... other? What operating system and which version of CCleaner are you using?
  22. Glenn

    How do I?

    Updates to what? Depending on the app, it could be either your operating system's country & language settings or a setting within the application software.
  23. I think I largely agree with the opinion in this artcle Skanks for the Memories I believe in freedom of speech, and the courts will decide if the post was defamatory, but I don't think there's a right to anonymity.
  24. Do you mean uninstalling the remnants of an uninstaller for a program that uninstalled badly? If so, see this page in the documentation Uninstalling Programs
  25. Glenn

    Restore points

    Do as hazelnut instructed but you will also have to deselect 'Hide protected operating system files' which is 2 rows further down the list of options.
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