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  1. No it is not read only. It is my home pc and I have full admin privileges. Running XP home.
  2. H there. I have 3 physical hard drives on my computer. Defraggler was installed on my D: drive. 2 updates ago I installed the update over the existing version on the D: drive. It installed fine, and Defraggler opened fine as well, but every time I pressed the "analyze" button, on any of the 3 hard drives or a flash disc, it would say access denied. I tried to reinstall various previous versions but could not overcome the problem until i installed Defragler on a different hard drive, in this case the C: drive. Now when the latest version was released, I tried to install it over the previous version that was now on the C: drive. Same problem, keep getting access denied. Tried to install it back on the D: drive, and the problem still persisted. I have now installed it on the F: drive, my last hard drive. What happens when the next update comes out. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
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