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  1. Thank you Eldmannen, for replying , right now i have a Asus A7N8X Deluxe with a AMD Thunderbird 1.2. My reason to upgrade is when i start to work with anything, example, i use a lot Visual Studio 2005, Photoshop, Skale Tracker, etc ... and i note the system stay very but very slower, so i need a new configuration to work a little better. Forgive me my bad english
  2. Hello, i want to buy a new cpu and motherboard, but i don't have much money to spend, so can you give me you opinion about two things: 1- what do you think about ASUS K8N motherboard 2- and what you think about AMD Sempron 2600+ 64bits CPU. it's a good choice or not? Forgive me my bad english, and thank you for your attention.
  3. Like rridgely said, it's a risk use these type of programs, but i'm using Registry First Aid for a long time with no problems! Cheers... UltraMAX
  4. Hi, i think it was me who started the Trojan.Banker found in BitDefender 9, i've updated it and evrything it working fine now , thanks a lot MrG for helping and keep in the good work about CCleaner because this utilitie really rocks. Forgive me my bad English! Cheers... UltraMAX
  5. Really ... so it's a anti-virus problem ... very strange, with the previous version everything it's fine, i'll keep use it, maybe in the next version the problem it's solved. Thanks anyway Cheers... UltraMAX
  6. Hi, i've got BitDefender 9 Professional Plus and tell me that CCleaner.exe file is infected by Trojan.Banker.VB.15E70689, what's wrong with this version, the previous version work fine and it's clear from viruses ... is there anyone with the same problem? Forgive me my bad English! UltraMAX
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