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  1. yea I am paid pro user and tried it for first time and pc went round in circles on restart... have filled in a request for help on the support page, seems a few people are having probs with the new driver updater...must need debuging.
  2. quite agree, and is partly why I always use Ccleaner at the end, and if a long session, at timely intervals, of a session on my PC. Certainly with the BBC now you need to log in. I think I should run it after every page I visit, as you know, refusing to allow cookies usually means problematic browsing, but , well, running cleaner after every page is a bit OCD...AND A LOT OF MUCKING ABOUT...But still a good idea!...... Well I reckon. Cheers.
  3. this is win 10 mate, it took 3 months of manually opening ccleaner after start up for it to start doing just that, even though the tick was applied in the appropriate setting box, ccleaner support ended up advising me to enlist a PC repair professional, eventually, it opens at start up....I personally think it is deliberate on the part of microsoft.... a conspiracy theory if ever I saw one. So, to assure you that Firefox would never let the default browser setting be changed, as happens with every win10 update, without informing present user of that fact....wish I could get the courage to try UNIX or Opera or.....actually, it seems to me there are more appearing all the time, maybe a list of all available browsers should be posted somewhere...... My Mate who died recently, told me he doesn't need antivirus software cos virus writers don't have any complaints against Qpera so don't need antivirus with it. my antivirus also recommends Opera. anyway, nukecad, thanks for the advice, by the way I use "duck duck go" as my default search engine, why, because it does not use cookies or use any tracking or any of the google invented advertising methods, which give most results tainted with adverts people have paid google to push for them. therefore making it harder to find what you want rather than what they want you to have.....another gripe of my chest. Cheers.
  4. These pop ups are innitialising instalation of Internet Explorer 11, please make them for the browser that the customer uses, or include a select browser option as first thing that happens when one clicks on the "renew subscription to Ccleaner Professional at reduced price" instead of letting microsoft blackmail one in to using IE when one clearly does not use it, I avoid it and google like the plague... unfortunate that google bought "youtube" google blackmailer.....oops, gets it off the chest.
  5. Hi Andavari, after 22 hrs with deep scan Recuva found my file...but it is unrecoverable, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I will keep Recuva for next time, well I will have a go at doing a back up. the file just saved me remembering where I put stuff, so not too much of a loss, I wil just have to make a new list and put a copy on a memory stick I just bought. thanks for your help Andavari, Cheers.
  6. Hi you experts, just started PC this morn and found a notepad text file I had on desk top had dissappeared. So, bought Recuva professional? and a cd for recovery, cost near £30. Not much use if it cant check this No2 hard drive, strangely, this PC only has one hard drive, it is a brand new replacement for ex WINXP which died at Christmas, it's an HP 460 a060na, never asked what OS it had in it, too late to take it back, but I am sick of win 10 already, settings I make revert without explanation, get bullied by microsoft to use exclusively their products,.....anyway, ticked all boxes on the recuva, set it to scan, went out when it estimated 2 hours, came back 3 hours later it said 17 hours remaining"estimated", it was 16 per., cent., done...???, so I ended it, tried system restore point....failed due to unknown error... Well, I am not impressed with Recuva, would like to have seen a setting to recuva simple notepad text docs., but just some fairly unspecific choices...... I would be over the moon if someone can tell me how to accomplish this seemingly simple task to recuva a notepad txt doc., would appreciate any assistance, thanks for being here in advance..... I may require a refund and send it back. well, we'll see, cheers. PS, notepad text doc. was on desktop when shut down PC last night.
  7. Thanks Ishan Rulz and Alan B, ran CHKDSK it reported 10 lost files reinstated, could not remeber how to open Task Manager hence using CHK DSK, anyway after then running CCleaner, it did finish cleaning DrWatson after 2 0r 3 mins, the thing was , I noticed something uploading in the background, so I waited a while to see if it was an update, but it went on for so long I reset the pc, then thats when CCleaner was seemingly not going to finish, later, as I was shutting down at the end of the day, I found Firefox had uploaded an update, this is probably what it was that caused all my concern, I would love to Have an application/software that would tell me what was uploading if I haven't opened my browser, I have Zone Alarm firewall but it just says,SVCHOST RUNNING, that doesn't tell me anything, any suggestions?. thanks lads.
  8. after switching on my PC it was missing the antivir Icon on the bottom bar and showing traffic to/from internet, after a few minutes I decided to restart and first run antivir update , this was successful, and then ccleaner. the cleaner got ot 44% progress and showed cleaning drwatson log, this went on for several minutes so I cancelled and restarted the cleaner, the same thing happened and after 5 mins it was still at 44% and cleaning drwatson log files. I want to know is this a bug?. I am going to run chkdsk to see if that helps. any advice would be welcom.
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