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  1. Un grand merci aux (2 ?) traducteurs ! Enfin un CCleaner en fran?ais qui "parle" correctement !
  2. V.2.21 is now analyzing and deleting correctly Thanks a lot, MrG
  3. YES ! Except that since v.2.15 CC cannot do an analyze. But the problem will be fixed in the next version 2.21. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21830
  4. Hello MrT, I know now where the problem is located since v2.15, how to eliminate it and how to restore it. I can reproduce it just as i like. The problem occurs in the Networking -> Control Panel -> Client for Microsoft or corresponding If a Client is present -> CC analyses correctly If no Client is present -> CC does no analyse (at least on my computer) Because English is not my native language, i need a little time to explain the situation. But perhaps i must do it in French. Later, i open a new post : About problem with analysing on Win98 platforms
  5. Hello MrT, nice to hear from you. Here what i wrote for 10 weeks on this forum: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...st&p=131704 Thank you
  6. Same problem with v.2.20 ! 0 byte found, because the program does no analyse ! Please, fix this bug which punishes win98 users since v2.15. Thank you !
  7. Merci Laurent pour cette traduction qui respecte enfin notre langue.
  8. I agree totally with two98 and andavari : CCleaner no longer works correctly since V2.15 (also V2.15 , V2.16, V2.17, V2.18, V2.19.889, V2.19.900 and V2.19.901): No Analyse -> 0 byte deleted because 0 byte found ! I claim it since months ! http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21143& Sorry, there is a lot of waffle in this link but no answer to this question : What happened between V2.14 and V2.15 Changelog v2.15 : "Fixed two minor compatibility bugs with Win98" Please restore the two minor compatibility bugs with Win98 !
  9. If in German -> Einstellungen/Sprache -> select English
  10. Like v2.15 to v2.17, v2.18 does not run correctly on Win98se machine. The main function of CCleaner, the "Cleaner", no longer works. It neither find nor delete more than 0 byte, just because it does no analyse of the system. Can somebody explain us at least what have changed beetwen v2.14 and v2.15 ? We are here on the official forum for CCleaner, it can't be too difficult to reply to such a question. Thank you !
  11. I think you mean an other bug. My computer is not looked up when I does an analyse Version 2.18 continues to find 0 byte in 0,062 secs, because it does NO analyse. The bug has not been fixed
  12. The hitch is that, like v2.15, 2.16, 2.17, the "cleaner" of v2.18 find only 0 bytes to be removed in 0,062 secs In the mainwhile, v.21.4, 2.13, and below etc. continue to find 106,4Mb to be deleted in 1,633 secs. The nightmare goes on for users on Win98se platform
  13. ylal, I have the same problem since v2.15, but on a Win98se platform. Please see the results on Win98se with v2.15+ first, then with v2.14 on the same computer And spot the deliberate mistake ! CCleaner v2.15, 2.16, 2.17 - click on "Cleaner" on the left side, then on "Analyse" ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.005 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 bytes to be removed. (Approximate size) (approximate size of 0 byte ? It's really impressive !) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. A agree with drinkbundy (in on other situation), on a Win98 platform. The 3 last versions (2.15, 2.16, 2.17) [dont] (?) run no longer correctly !
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