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  1. I seem to have an uncanny knack for hitting all the bugs right away, even if they are minor. It is the major ones in so many products that have made me so cautious.
  2. I only used the Temp files as an example. it applies to every category except inside the registry. If you think it is totally safe, that's great. i am very cautious and sometimes want to exc;lude things just because I don't klnow exactly what they are.
  3. The erroneous reporting of "0.14MB to be removed. (Approximate size)" in my example, when really NOTHING is going to be removed, seems like a minor, easily fixable bug. But in a registry cleaner, bugs surrounding what might or might not be removed make me VERY NERVOUS ! Thanks. I hope Piriforms will fix this in what is otherwise a very useful program.
  4. No. In the Registry Cleaning section, we do have those options. What I mean is that in the Cleaner section, we have no individual options. For example, here is my screen after scanning for Temporary Files: ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (1.419 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.21MB to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) -------------------------------------------------
  5. The messages following the scans are confusing. For example, with just "Recent Documents" checked, after the scan, this message apears: ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.062 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.14MB to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Roaming\Mi
  6. ...such as with the Registry cleaning section. I am really surprised this doesn't exist. Lots of times I can't use the cleaner because of 1 or two items that I want to keep.
  7. I just double checked, and using v2.17.853 under IE8 the cookies I choose are being saved correctly. Win Vista HP with SP1
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