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  1. I don't see anything... (included is my Device Manager with show-hidden-devices screenshot )
  2. I am looking for suggestions to fix usb drive. The flash drive worked fine for months but failed to be recognized by either XP or Vista machines today. A same pop up window states that "usb device is not recognized" and the drive is no longer visible in win explorer. (see attached screen captures of the messages). So I can't even attempt to format or repair it. There was not anything different that I did with this drive. However I was able to pull out a 'ball' of dust from the drive when it first failed. Nothing changed after I got the dust out. So maybe there was a short circuit? When I insert the drive half way the light begins to blink. If I then insert the drive completely, I get the above message (usb device is not recognized) and the light goes out. Any thought? I am prepared to crack open the case and perhaps rewire the circuit. Has anyone successfully tried that before? Thank you in advance.
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