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  1. I am searching for my post that said about the exact same thing; that $20 USD PayPal is too much. I am willing to donate 2 or 3 times per year a smaller amount. I am so happy with the products but I cannot afford $20 USD. agilitysteve
  2. How can I send money (USD) to support CCleaner and Defraggler? I cannot afford to send $20 USD as the default amount? Thanks for all the wonderful work you do. Steve
  3. I think I'm OK now. I read the thread above and UNchecked Index.dat files from the Windows tab in Cleaner and my saved cookies seem to be fine now.
  4. HELP ! I run CCleaner many times throughout the day to keep my pc running well and now it's deleting Internet Explorer 8 saved cookies. Thanks, Steve
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