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  1. Yes you're right and it's the same for all Norton's stuff... Never use Symantec products !!! But could it exist a way to unlock all this keys with a fast and easy way ? A feature inside CC or before using CC... ?
  2. I agree with you about Norton Crappy programs, but I thought I was using a CrapCleaner
  3. Thanks for the tool but I succeeded to remove Norton folder in Safe mode I'll keep anyway But I'm still wondering about CC efficiency. I've been using it for long time and I'm surprised by what I've discovered
  4. Ok I tried TuneUp Utilities 2006 just after CC failed to fixe the 178 damaged keys it found. TU 2006 found 461 problems. Som of them seemed to the same as CC found. Tu 2006 stated it fixed all these problems. It did not find any of them anymore after a re-check. Then I ran CC which found 6 problems (instead of the 178 it was unable to fix, even if it stated the opposit). CC was able to fix 3 of these 6 problems (really fix because it did not find anymore 3 of them). Then now from the 178 problems found by CC (and the 461 found by TU), I still have 3 problems left... dealing with a Norton folder located in C:\Program Files which WIN XP refuses me to delete because it's in use... And I haven't been running a Norton software for a long time So I'm a bit disappointed by CCleaner which I wished to keep Any Idea for my Norton folder to remove ?
  5. Thank you Tarun, I'll try it, but I don't understand why CC can't manage to succeed ? EDIT : I ran all Norton utilities to remove everything concerning Norton and I still my 178 keys left Never, never use (or try) any kind of Norton software
  6. Thanks Andavari and rridgely for your help. As far as I understand you, it is the normal use of CC, isn't it ? I click on the "Fix the selected errors" button (translated from french) and then I click on the "Fix all the selected errors". CC seems to do its job, finishes by a box saying everything has been done and if I check later, all keys are all still here. I've already try the fix "one by one" button : same
  7. First, why CC says the job is done as it is not done ? If it is unable to do, it should say "unable" instead of "done", no ? Second, I did use CC in safe mode and Admin account : same problem Most of the files (but not all) with which CC has a problem deal wtih Norton Ghost (never use Norton )which has been uninstalled a while ago (see screenshot below): An other idea ?
  8. Hello all, I've got the same kind of problem. I'm logged as administrator and I've 178 keys which are listed to be fixed. CCleaner seems to do its job and says it has fixed everything, but if I check once again, everything is as it was previously : still 178 keys to fix What's wrong ?
  9. You're right. It works fine now. I did an update. It might be necessary to uninstall prior to update. Thank you
  10. Thanks for your help, but I tried with VB6 and no change No other idea
  11. Hello all, When I try to run an analyse of my system with CCleaner, there's a box saying that it must close and with the following details CCleaner Error Signature AppName: CCleaner.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset: 0001eb33 I have WinXP Pro SP2. Do you need some more infromation ? Thank you for your help, Lim.
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