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  1. Should Wipe Free Space not work in the same vein as DBAN, is there a program out there that will? I downloaded Eraser to see. I am running an unused space wipe of my C: drive with the Gutmann method as we speak. Is this what I've been looking for? You may think that once a year is a bit much to be whining but on New Year's day this year I was told I had used all of the installations that my Microsoft Office disc could allow lol. Obviously if I buy another one I want to keep it until a new version of Office comes out. So will Eraser do what I need it to do?
  2. I love CCleaner, been using it for years. I always hated the fact that I couldn't clean the rest of my HDD with it though. Old Word documents, Excel documents, anything I deleted in my recycle bin by mistake before running CCleaner made me sad And today I update my version of the program and find a Wipe Free Space option? To deal with my aforementioned sadness, I began running Darik's Boot and Nuke once every year to delete the entire hard drive. I was also using this program when selling old hard drives (35 pass gutmann, usually two rounds of it...took close to a week). To my question: does this new feature mean that I can keep my windows installation, but overwrite every inch of my hard drive that is not being used? Up to 35 times with the gutmann method? Do I never have to re-install windows/office/millions of programs again?! Somebody pinch me. Please. I understand that this feature could take a long time to run, but I am very excited. Some clarification would be great...
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