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  1. "I'm a retired hardware guy but luckily was in the support area for IBM PC's when they first came out and could not use a keyboard unless I used the Two finger method. " Hi Yokenny, I too worked for that big blue on HW. Not in the PC area though. TP, Supermarket, 8100, banking. I think you can contact me via email and not use this space to talk if you wish. I did not figure out how to do that yet, so give me a shout if you like. I just tried the Rt click to use the spell check, and it worked, why did I not think of that!?
  2. Thanks, Yes I am back to normal in Msconfig. The issue is not that I need to use it, but that it is not working as it should if I did need it. As for the danger I needed to use regedit to fix my original problem and that was dangerous!!! I like Autorun too. When I worked at the (big old) computer co. we had a saying when we made changes to microcode (like a OS)program. "Remember rule number one, and two." Rule one "KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING". Rule two "REMEMBER RULE ONE" Thanks, Tom B
  3. OK It is me Tom B the newbie again. I tried to use the spell checker and got a message iespell check not detected. I found a note somewhere about ie7pro and installed it in error. Now I still get the iespell error but I notice that words spelled wrong are red underlined. How do I get it to give the correct spelling for the words. Is ie7pro and iespell the same, just upgraded? Do I need to tell this program / forum the checker I am using? Or do I just need to know how to use the checker? If I go OK to the go to download nothing changes. I think! Or do I need to go download iespall and
  4. Thanks to all 4 of you I am now able to find my way in the dark. I did find a good intro on the bleepingcomputer.com forum that helped me with this place too. I was a hard where Tech for 40 years, now I need to work with programs and M$ OS and I can not go over to the other side of the office to ask questions, as I am now retired, and they got outsoursed! Thanks again, Tom B the newbie.
  5. Thanks Yokenny, I found how to use the Lounge so I will ask how-to questions there from now on, to keep this topic for the problem with CClean. I need to install the spell checker also. Re CClean... I checked again (twice) and found that it did not remove my restore points. I used the reg tool also and still no restore point problem. My problem is gone re CClean for now, but it may have been because of Msconfig or Mcafee. I think a setting in Mcafee can remove the restore points but I do not remember where it is just now. I did read that using Msconfig to uncheck can remove the restor
  6. OK, I see how the ( " )works, Thanks Tom B
  7. Hi from Tom B the newbie. (piriform Lounge) Hazelnut sent me! Thanks to Hazelnut for starting me off with ?how to ?questions in the lost restore pointers topic area. I have some general questions about how to use the forum. 1.There are two reply buttons. One just under a post, REPLY and one lower down Add REPLY, When do I use each? I understand that fast reply will not repeat the question. I understand how to use new topic. I think Add Reply will create a new post after the last post. ( And will repeat the original post) How does REPLY work? When I used it I
  8. From Tom B the newbie. Thanks for the help Hazelnut. Just before you sent me your note I found that the avatar is how to get the photo to show when I reply. I set it up and bingo it worked! Is there a way to send you notes, Questions, without having them post to this topic so I do not interfere with the team working on the problem when I need to ask "how to" questions? Should I be asking you, or is their a general help person or fourm to go to? Sorry to the rest of you, I will get off this subject of questions about "how to" now. Tom B
  9. Hi All form Tom B the Newbie. This is a test. I added my photo and need to know if it worked. If you see kojack it worked! This will fix the confusinon re the other Tom.B.. Also I sent a reply to Yokenny using the reply in the box with his post. I do not see this reply of mine here. Did this only go to Yokenny? or did I not do it correct. Yokenny please let me know if you got my reply. Thanks. To Yokenny.. I used both un-install and the Norton remove program, then used regedit to remove a file ending \NetDetect... Part of Pandex Trojan (I think) that looks like part of Norto
  10. By the way.. Sorry that I did not notice the other TOM.B just above my post. I should have taken another name. I am Tom space B THE NEWBIE. This was my first ever post.
  11. From: Tom the Newbie. OK I am a Newbie to this forum thing. I hope you do not mind my input, or my Spelling. I know you all have done a lot of work before this, as I read over all I can find on the subject of erasing the restore point files. Here is my situation. I have a Dell Dimension 2400. I am running windows XP SP3. I removed Norton anti-virus protection and installed McAfee about mid Dec. 2008. I only have one HP printer, an L J 4L, that is years old and I did not update drivers etc. I am on Verizon Yahoo DSL. I have CClean installed. I started to fix a problem of having a comm
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