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  1. Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've been talking to you guys. Most of you probably don't even know me :P. Anyways, I made a program that is a software repo for windows, if you don't know what that is, it's kinda like cnet in a program form. I'm still developing and updates are frequent. I'm proud to say both CCleaner and Defraggler are in it! The link to both support and download is here:


  2. Lets settle this:


    On 12/22/12 I will be watching the movie 2012 and laughing at all the people who said the Mayans were right. Nobody knows except God. He takes collect calls on nights and weekends.

  3. I just downloaded the latest version of CC V2.19.901 about two weeks ago. The most paculiar thing has happened. The last two times I've run CC the date on the internal system clock has jumped forward by one day. The hour and minute are ok just the day. Just started happening with the latest version. I've been using CC for the last 9 months and never saw this problem before. I've not changed any settings. Anyone have any ideas about this?


    Its possible your bios battery died

  4. The last time I tried it the uninstaller didn't uninstall anything whatsoever. Good thing I track everything with Total Uninstall.



    The only thing it didn't do when i re-installed was remove the service. Odd

  5. Yes version 1.xx.xxx were made using Visual Basic 6.0 and versions 2.xx.xxx are made with C++.


    Why do you ask are you trying to decompile it?


    Resource Hacker won't decompile it will only extract graphics from it. If you use Resource Hacker on Cards.dll it will extract all the cards from the deck. ;)


    I don't want to decompile it, just curious

  6. Just downloaded this and I need some help before I run it. Any help will be appreciated.


    What does Ccleaner delete?

    Does it delete any user files like word files?

    What does the registery tool do?



    Mrs. T





    Welcome to the forums!

    Since you are new to CCleaner, here's what it does:

    1)Eliminates gunk files, not like word documents,excel,powerpoint, etc.

    2)Unless you know what to delete with the registry cleaner, it's safe to leave that alone. Once you know what your looking for, it's very helpful

  7. Hi Bob, and welcome to Piriform.


    You need to find the "login.live.com" cookie in CCleaners "Cookies To Delete" window, and move it over to the "Cookies To Keep" window.


    I'm pretty sure that's the Hotmail cookie.


    Post back if that doesn't fix the problem.


    When i kept getting logged out here, i couldn't have explain that better myself

  8. Hi,


    I use Firefox as my main web browser.


    Very often I go to Tools > Clear Private Data > Check all boxes > Click "Clear Private Data Now"


    I was just wondering if it would be beneficial not to do this, as CCleaner does all of this for me and does it more securley. Is this correct or are both methods equal??




    Probably CC because it can securely delete

  9. Hi all,


    Just downloaded the latest s&d 1.4 something has gone wrong. When i finished the download i went for the latest updates which was fine ,chose the ones i wanted and clicked on download ,but for some reason it comes up with the message "bad checksum".i wondered if i had gone wrong somewhere so tried again but no joy.


    I uninstalled then reinstalled but, it keeps coming up with the same message.


    Can anybody help?


    Download from another location maybe?

  10. Winxpsp3, ie7, ccleaner2.19.889


    As the description states, I cannot stay logged in to this forum. I think this started in April when you went to the new skin. I have no problem with google, yahoo, notebooks, Amazon, and several other sites. They remember me. This forum did up to your last forum update. I have tried several things such as delete all ccleaner/pinform cookies and redo the login, google search and tried some cookie handling tips, search this forum but I have not found anything that fixed this problem. I know that it has been awhile but I thought I could search and find my problem.


    I open this forum, I enter user name, password, and check the "remember me box." Then I log in. Works fine. Then, I close the forum and then reopen it without rebooting. The forum opens and I have to login again.


    What should I try next?




    Make sure cookies are enabled

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