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  1. Specy

    Explorer 8

    Thank you for your help guys. I am not sure what i did but its now saving my selected cookies. I deleted all cookies, saved and unsaved so the lists were blank. I then logged on to the dozen of so sites i wanted to remember me, then went back to my new cookie list in CC and re saved the ones i wanted, deleted the others and now it works OK !! It could be that i needed to do that having downloaded the latest version ,22-2 968 of CC. The new version could be the fix but you need to re do your lists after down load ?? If it happens again after a update download at least now i know what to try first Many thanks
  2. Specy

    Explorer 8

    Well i suppose the first thing to say is that i had no trouble with IE7 and was doing exactly the same things. I always keep remember me checked. I am simply using CC on default settings and using the move right arrow button on the cookies list . after deleting the cookies this right hand list is still there but the cookies themselves are not it seems....I save both types of cookie ie: bing.com and www.bing.com so that should be ok. All my sites, banks, forums, e-bay etc require me to log in with passwords and user names where as if i un install CC these sites remember my details I did find my details were ok if i used chrome but i also found that chrome dosnt work with e-bay forms !! which makes it nearly imposable to list items for sale. Can you imagine launching a browser that doesn't work with one of the worlds most popular internet sites ?? they say they are working on it nearly 10 months on :-)
  3. Specy

    Explorer 8

    I still cant get CC to save my cookies in Explorer 8. No problem with 7. Cookies dragged to the right hand column from the list stay their but are still removed when i run CC. Is there a fix for this ??
  4. Specy

    Latest version

    Hi Keith I am using explorer 8 Tonight i am going to uninstall CCleaner completely and start again, see if that does it...
  5. Specy

    Latest version

    Auto complete is not ticked. I have used this prog for about 18 months and just update the original down load when offered the chance. Never had this problem before, Everything from online banking to forums such as this are wiped at each clean despite all the relevant cookies remaining on file both in the cookie folder and on the right hand side of C Cleaner cookies section.
  6. Specy

    Latest version

    I have downloaded the latest version of CCleaner and now websites i visit no longer remember me and i have to log in every visit. My list of cookies to exclude when cleaning is still intact and is the same as it was for the old version but I can log on to a site with a saved cookie, log off, run cleaner and then have to re-log on again at the site. Any idea's ??
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